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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

I'm obviously nuts

It's been a long day to go with the long week to go with the long last 2 months. I am in my 3rd semester of school now. I am going to get my essay written and my official application for the VT program submitted this coming week. Now that I have my "official" sealed transcript on the counter. Hmm I should move that, before it becomes unsealed and unofficial and colored on by my mini's. Ok moved it lol. So the dog started vomiting and having diarrhea last night... all night, luckily I didn't hear it! But Kenny did and so he cleaned it and kindly did not awaken me. Then dog ate breakfast vomited said breakfast and then promptly enjoyed it a second time round. gag.
Had an IEP meeting for Leila today. Signed the paperwork and she starts her speech classes on Tuesday. Yay! Ran to Kohls after that and enjoyed searching for something to spend my 10 dollar gift card on.  I love getting cards mailed to me by kohls! I had a few things in mind and then saw something I had to have! For a friend. Can't wait to see her again to give it! Then I zipped home re-situated the kids and ran to my art appreciation class. Got my exam back from last week. Highest score in the class yay! Now if only I could pull that off in math and sociology lol. Then ran to my work to ask a dr about dumb dogs illness. Got a anti nausea injection for him n got to sit in on a lunch n learn and get me some free Togo's yay. Went home pinned n stuck dog and noticed that one of his incisions has a serum pocket, I hope its a serum pocket and not an infection. He doesn't feel hot and is still crazy and active. I don't think he vomited dinner so the injection worked. Hopefully no vomiting tonight. I don't wanna clean it lol. Went to my other class, was late, had to make an unexpected run to grab munchkins early n drop em off, Kenny got stuck in Roseville at a meeting. Went back to work to drop needle off and show doc pic of incisions, bringing him in tomorrow for maybe a suture removal, if it looks ok and maybe a serum draining and hopefully thats it. Dumb dog better be glad I love him! And that I work at a vet! lol. Came home cooked dinner helped Evan with schoolwork and others with their homework. Kids in bed, Evans watchin a toon with Kian till he crashes out. I should be doing my homework, but I'm tired, and frustrated, and otherwise worm down. Algebra calls and man I wish it would just shut up. I need to work on my essay too... maybe Thursday between classes. Tomorrow I go to work then go to class on my lunch break then swing by n grab n drop off kids on my way back to work then I get home at 630 n go jogging at 7. Yeah Mondays n Wednesdays are days I get nothing done lol. Mon Wed = work n school, Tue Thur= 2 classes for me, speech for Leila, and all errands dr appointments or anything else needing done. Fri Sat Sun I work. But at least I get to come home on my lunches those days though Sunday I only have an hour and its a bit helpful to just stay at work and do homework. .

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Friday, September 28, 2012

almost october!

getting a medal for perfect score on state test
Kenny photobombing me.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


So how are you? We are great. About to go to my second week of school. Got a lab coat for my bio class from a friend yesterday. How awesome is she! Will post a pic of that when I put it on lol. Evan took these pics for my first day of school last week =)

Leila n Kian wanted in on it too! And yes that backpack was a gift on my 18th bday lol.

Cay had a birthday!

he chose red velvet cake! love that boy! and the 2 in the background n the 1 sitting on hte otherside n the 2 girls by me n my hubby avoiding being in the pic. lol Hope your weekend was great!

Time to go get ready for my classes today! Yikes!

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Monday, September 05, 2011

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