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Thursday, May 24, 2007


from Dentists!!! MAN and ick... I had an apointment today at 1130 to get another wisdom yanked (#3) well I sat in the waiting room for an hour before I was called back. Then I go back n sit n wait a little bit they come load a table with evil looking stuff n leave... a little bit later they come back and numb the bejebers out of me... and inform me the cap came off the tooth and the roots are still in.. so they had to cut a flap on it scoop all the stuff out and sew it closed.. do that I think...numb me a WHOLE lot more all over the place (after they start they ask if im preggo lol oops they say we shoulda asked that first duh good thing I am not I think lolol) and say theyl be back in 5 minutes... mind you im utterly confused right now NO idea what tooth they just "scooped out" feeling in my mouth with my tounge going oh LORD don't tell me they yanked another top tooth out! but I couldnt feel any extra teeth missing. and I had my bottom wisdoms still in so I just let it go figured they must know what they are doing. Anyway by the time they came back (dude was COVERED in splatters of blood just what I wanted to see lmao and yes he changed before he came digging in my mouth) My tounge lips chin cheeks and even my ears were numb lol. so they start pushing on one of my bottom wisdom teeth and it HURTS BAD so they shoot me up some more and are rather in shock that it hurt.. then out of nowhere he starts pushing on the OTHER wisdom tooth (it doesnt hurt) and then they go back to the left wisdom and push it around some and man it still hurt so they shot even more in and even the needle hurt that time.. My body sure fights anathesia. By then I was done telling them it hurt I didn't care that I could still feel the pain I wanted it done. so I just shut up clenched my hands around the armrests n tried my darndest to refrain from whimpering (even though a few squeeshed through) they yanked and twisted and let me tell you it is not pleasant being able to feel your tooth twisting through your gums. and then I hear and feel a loud CRACK and the dr goes oh thats neat.. (HA just what I wanted to hear) the top half had come off and the roots stayed in.. so he went to the other side and yanked and twisted that one out and man I am telling you feeling your gums bulge and twist and tear is NOT FUN. and that one took a lot of yanking the roots where in the shap of a crab pincher and where almost touching at the ends.. (hence the awful pain) and the dr dude said thats why it was so hard to get out because it was ripping through the gums instead of sliding out nice and easy like (HA again) he asked where I got the tooth from because it was a custom job they don't come like that. haha funny guy.. then they go back to the broken tooth and yank out the 2 roots and all the little crumbs.. then they sew up both holes and gauze me.. and man even though I was numb as could be it HURT and it still hurts and I DON'T LIKE it.. It was like the worst epideral ever lol (the one I had with Cay)couldnt move completly numb but felt EVERY OUNCE of pain. Vicodin here I come... Hopefully by tomorrow I will be better like last time. fingers crossed.. neway that was my day.. I did have some enjoyment though.. I got to visit with my wonderful mil who so kindly came and watched my ragamuffins while the drs tortured me. HEY at least im done now right.. and feeling is coming back to my chin so Itmust not of damaged my nerves any. YEAH ME.. and Mom Thank you SO much for helping me out!

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Thursday, May 10, 2007


I finally get over the evil virus. I go in last night to have my follow up Dentist visit just to check it all out and make sure I am better and get a quick exam. Or so I thought. I left minus 2 wisdom teeth! And needing 2 more yanked out. But they won't do the bottom ones for a month. And then they will only do 1 at a time. Pull 1 wait a month then pull the other. Because they are both touching the major nerve that runs on both sides of my jaw (and they shouldnt be) so they want to pull one and see how it affects the nerve give it time to heal andthen yank the other. Apparently my chin could go numb from it if the roots of my tooth twitch it or anything when they yank em. But it should heal. Hence the waiting. Anyway I am doing good can still taste blood (gag. But only need a pain pill last night when the numb wore off. I seem to be fine today just sore with occasional throbbing. I guess the HORRIFIC intense AWFUL pain of the evil virus prepped me pretty good. LOL This is nothing compared to it. That is all for now. I will prob lose another lb or 2 till I am not scared to eat.

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Friday, May 04, 2007


I now know the meaning of the word. My every muscle screams at me to never move again.Prob what happens when you cant each for a week. Walking to the bathroom makes my legs burn. I can get maybe 5 minutes of use before I need to take a long break. But I am getting there. By tomorrow I think I may be able to chew soft foods again. Of course right about the time I get healthy again I will end up with them yanking out my wisdom teeth. Ahhh Fun. I can almost closemy jaw all the way.. still a littlw swollen over the teeth though way in the very back so not quite all the way closed yet. I think my teeth moved too they don't feel right when I get them close to closed like they don't line up right... Who knows.

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Thursday, May 03, 2007


Did 2 entire loads of laundry today! I even put them away.. and then I fell asleep sitting up. oops.. Oh well had to be done.. I will just go to bed early tonight and hope my energy comes back. I think I may be able to close my jaw tomorrow! Huge blessing there. Oh the Dr's called me to tell me they got a lab back and I tested positive for a virus!! WOW! they are BRILLIANT! anyway they said I can stop my antibiotics.. (YEAH no more horse pills those things are HUGE) and just take the anti virals... The pain has gone down so much I refused to take the darvocet this am. No point risking addiction when its a level of pain I can handle. My lips r still an ooey gooey mess but are definitely on the mend. My tummy though is rumbling growling hunger pit... nothing I can do about that though. The thought of trying to chew ANYTHING makes my eyes water. I am now down 8 lbs in 6 days. And we are out of milk. Who wants to go shopping for me? Kenny has to go to a scouting thing tonight (for leaders) to turn in twilight camp stuff for me.. have I mentioned how sweet he is being? OK I just returned from depositing the money for that camp into the packs account and am again out of energy and wiped out.. I suppose I better go lay down and try n recoup a little maybe I will eat a ice.. get some sugar in me at least. much Love to all.. I shall C-yas

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007


TO MY MR. JAROD!!!!!! You are 6 years old! WOW! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and year to come! You get to start Kindergarten! I LOVE YOU!

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Managed (barely) to make it to my appointment this am. LOL was FUUUUN. My body is not happy with its lack of food I think. But then I imagine if anyone went uhm what is it now 5 days with no solid food at all there body wouldnt be happy either. I have worn myself out for the day. Oh the Dr.He said yeah thats what Iv'e got.. LMAO. SO worth the energy expended. Told me take it easy drink lots of fluids take as much help as I can get. I must say that my Kenny is being an amazing help. He gets home from work and takes over everything. Thank you! I Love You! Uhmm Dr Dude told me it is a direct contact thing so no kissing and no leaving my cups out for others to drink out of. Easy enough. Who would want to kiss my green n bloody oozy lips. pretty huh. lol Thats it I think the antivirals are helping. I can def feel a improvement today. Or maybe its just the pain meds are improving my outlook.. lol maybe a little of both. I managed to kinda brush my teeth this am! I only cried for 10 minutes and the bleeding stoped pretty quick too. Dr Dude should feel special. I am totally dreading the dentist tomorrow... Can't take the kids there with me def gotta figure something out there hmm... Jarod has a dr app tom morn getting his school stuff done =. They were very good today at drs with me. The kids have all been helpful this whole week spending hours waiting for mom here or there .. I am very proud of them all. And very lucky to have a Husband as caring as mine. OK I am done whining for the moment bye

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Quick Update

Saw dentist and Dr yesterday. And who knew I have a virus (duh). Ne way I am now on Antibiotics, Antivirals and darvocet with Tylenol. I see a ENT specialist Tomorrow bright n early (Should be fun) and the dentist on Thursday at uhmm 1130 I think. Dentist said my wisdom teeth have to go but they can't touch them till my fevers gone and I can open my mouth. DUH and double DUH. The pain killer seems to help a little as long as i don't move my lips jaw tongue or swallow it doesn't hurt and that is a HUGE improvement. I am down almost 7 lbs now. I guess my intense hunger over the last 2 months was Gods way of preparing me for this otherwise I would have a serious weight issue right now. Instead I now only want to lose 4 more lbs till I get my hair done. I am living on water, milk and Italian Ice's. Tomorrow is my Mr Jarods Birthday. I won't even be able to make him a cake or anything.. I suck. I hope I am better enough to Tell him happy birthday at least. OK head is kinda woozy must go drink more water i think. n then cogitate on who I can get to watch the munchkins for all my Dr appointments the next 2 days.

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