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I am the mommy of 7. 4 boys 2 girls and a lab puppy. Wife, student and I work at a veterinary hospital. My hands are full and I wouldn't have them any other way.

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Saturday, April 30, 2005


I married is gonna get smacked one of these days lol.... he took my suv and the 3rd row we bought to work with him today so hed know for sure he had the right tools for the job and of course male help if he needed it (the instructions say its a 2 man job) neways I get a radio on my nextel fropm Kenny (dh) as hes driving home saying they were way busy today n he didnt get to get it installed... =( but that he wants to get it in tonight so im gonnahave to help him do it when he gets home... so when he gets home i get the baby all bundled into her bouncy seat because theres NO way in heck im leavin her in the house with the boys lol so I walk out to the truck n Kenny popped the back open and says...

OH wait LOOK its already in... the BRAT they had gotten it installed at work grrrr makin me bring the baby outside lolol within seconds ofthis all the boys come barreling out of hte house the other brat (Evan) had popped off hte doorknob cover.. apparently he really wanted to see the truck lol

its installed! in record time!!! LOL Posted by Hello
well there it is.... installed n raring to go.. yes evan posed lol hes soo funny... now my whole family fits in our car YEAHHHHH plus i can squeeze in 2 extra peeps if i want to lol I must add for those of you with a SUV that doesnt have a 3rd row and you want or need a 3rd row for it to go to Little Passenger Seats they r great and it was easy to install and way cheaper then a new suv my kids love it! they make them for lots of diff suvs

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i pulled this cute little outfit i recieved from a friend ( who hand made it) out to put on Kiara and....

aaak  Posted by Hello

mommy ! Posted by Hello

iv outgrown an outfit! Posted by Hello

and shes only 3 1/2 weeks old and shes already too big for it!! its the first time i put it on her sniffle

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Friday, April 29, 2005


I added pics to a couple previous posts sundays and mondays

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with pics enjoy they r blurry for some reason must be when hello resized them grrr

Hi Posted by Hello
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the deluge begins Posted by Hello

of the pretty girl Posted by Hello

shes losing her hat Posted by Hello

as she sleeps n snores Posted by Hello

yes I know Posted by Hello

i take tons of pics the hat fell off! Posted by Hello

ready to go get Evan from school Posted by Hello

MOOOOOOM what are you doing? Posted by Hello

my brother loves me too Posted by Hello

ohh kissys MEMEME give me a kiss Posted by Hello

its my footsies Posted by Hello

cutest darn foot u done ever seen Posted by Hello

would u knock it off already Posted by Hello

im on the couch Posted by Hello

hehe i look like a giant. ROARR! Posted by Hello

Hi thatsmy buhbuh he WUVS me Posted by Hello

lookin around  Posted by Hello

save me! Posted by Hello

BORING! Posted by Hello

sigh must u continue? Posted by Hello

leave me alone im tired Posted by Hello

im gettin annoyed Posted by Hello

really i am  Posted by Hello

im tired now go away Posted by Hello

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