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Friday, November 21, 2008

Report Cards

I have all 3 boys report cards and parent teacher conferences over and done with. They are all doing well. Evan and Jarod are where they are suppose to be pretty much. Though both must work on their writing. And E needs to flesh out his answers more. They are both doing great and we are oh so very proud of them! Caylums report was as expected above par. He only needs to work on fine motor skills. He had all 3's and 4's and only a wasn't at or above grade level in writing. She is having his reading level checked next year by a 4th grade teacher. She told me the first time he read to her she freaked out and thought oh no I can't teach him he is too smart for me. Apparently he is quite the talk of the school. As i mentioned something about his reading to her at the end of the conf and she was all oh he is in Mrs. H class? Yeah. So he's the one who reads and does math really really well. I heard about that. Anyway he pretty much is at the end of the year level in most everything. So she will give him a little bit harder stuff and work on his writing and anything else he might not quite get yet. That is what's up with them two. L got 2 more teeth. K is a girl. I am tired. Kenny is bored. And life mows on.

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Thursday, November 20, 2008



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Friday, November 07, 2008


He's home! He's home! He's home home home! I went n got cay at 1120. we decided we would sit and wait for E who was suppose to get in at noon. So it's noon parents everywhere and we hear oh its going to be anothrt 45 minutes to an hour. SIGH. I am not leaving that school without my son alright. So I go in and get the kids a school lunch to eat and we go park out front. I am worried if I go home i will crash out n miss him! Neway an hour later (bout 1) he gets in. Whoohoooooo We all dog piled him in hugs. Then he says our luggage isnt here yet? nope. It left before us. uh oh.. So The vp is telling folks itl be an hour for the luggage. Sigh. The kids need to pee n I need Evans meds too. So we go do all that we ask about hte meds n they are on there way too in a seperate vehicle. Joy. So we are discussing leaving or staying. Evan hasnt eaten. But they left before him can't be no hour. Are about to leave n poof there it is1 YEAH. meds showed up at the same time. So we got everything and are now home. Evan had a blast. He was warm enopugh in his sleeping bag plus th cabins had heaters, he didn't wear his underjams but he also didnt have any accidents.. WTG E!. He missed us =). He took 36 pictures which I need to get developed. And I am sure he will tell you all about it on his blog in a day or two. For now I must go nappy poo With leila poo who his grumping at me. HEHE no more making up extra plates for a mr man who isnt here. Cause ha he is here! YEAH AND he had fun!

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Sooo today being a day off for me. I decided to steam the carpet. My mil gave me her old steamer a really nice self heating hoover dual v widepath thingamabob. ANYWAY I got the solutionn for it and filled that up. Got the hot water going and filled that section up. Lift it up and floosh water pours down me onto the floor. Not quite how I meant to wash my floors lol. The tank has a crack in it on bottom and just gooshes water lol. Now I know why she gave it to me.. Stealing my bowls giving me broken things.. I swear.. See how she likes me! LMAO No seriously though I can order another tank for only like 40 bucks way cheaper then getting a new one. And hey! NOW I have an excuse err reason for not doing it! Course now i have to clean up the spilled water lol. Ok I shall just ChaCha and earen the money for it now. Later we are going to meet family out of town at a resteraunt for dinner. They fly in at 535. And we need to vote. I am missing my son dreadfully. I hope he is having a blast!

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