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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


late sometime my mom, bro and a sis are going to be here for a couple days.
The kids are all excited. They are running round all giddy about it. J is writing it on his calander and Kiara is convinced I mean mamaw n papaw are coming. No matter how much I tell her it isn't. And think they don't even know she has a car loaded with bday and Christmas gifts. They just can't wait to see her and "have fun" with em. J n Cay say they will take them outside to play with them.
I, with lots of help from the boys, planted my avocado tree yesterday. All done. Now I must keep it very well watered for a month untill it can get set in. We plucked the fist veggies from our garden too. Some yello crookneck squash. I see a couple cherry tomatoes are ready too. Literally 2. What can I do with cilantro, rosemary, 2 cherry tomatoes and 3 small yellow squash. Kennys little jalapenos are growing well. And my bell pepper finally flowerd. They are doing much better this year then in previous years. I am only watering every other day and real deep. instead of a little every day. That seems to do the trick. Have a few teeny tiny watermelon balls starting. Hopefully they will do well. And everything else is flowering like mad. Well except the corn, which yes mom, I did thin out. Hopefully they will all have multiple ears. Next year I think I will put many larger rows between the lemon tree and fence. We have plums. Come n get em before we manage to cut the rest of the tree down. Kenny got up on the roof and cut all the branches that leaned over the roof. There where hundreds of plums we tossed that day. Plus the lemon branches too. Now there are many less plums falling every day so that is nice. I am planning on sending as many as I can back with my mom.
The kids have VBS tonight. they are excited. I think I will run over and grab some solar window film stuff and start sealing my house up. Just the screens on a few windows and the sliders have made a big improvement in coolness. Imagine with all the windows solarized not just were the screening is. I still have more screens to do as well. I am slow and it is HOT. Will spend tomorrow cleaning more I am sure. Got the LR all spick n span so they can sleep in there on the air bed or couches or wherever they want. I will prob need to get groceries as well. I hate shopping with all the kids. Don't get me wrong they are great but the store is always packed and we are a big bunch. It makes it hard to squeeze down the aisles. Not to mention stopping to be told I have my hands full every few minutes. Rather have hands that overflow with happiness then empty and devoid of the joy my children bring me. People are just stupid sometimes.
SPEAKING of large families. My fabulous neighbor had her 7th child, a son, this morning at around oh 10:30. CONGRATS! They are both doing well last I heard and he was 7 lbs. Today was his due date. Unless they changed their mind during labor he will be named Jared! I of course ADORE their name choice. Even though it is spelled different then my Jarod. This makes 3 girls and 4 boys for them. I am so happy for them. I can not wait to see that little guy! Or my own for that matter.
Well that is all for now. I had to turn my AC on today. I have it set at 80. It is over 100 today here. it was already 80 whe I got up this morning! Was awful. Didn't get cool enough last night to cool the house down so on went the AC. I and the kiddies can not be in a 100 degree house. No way No how. See ya all later gaters. BYE.

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Monday, June 22, 2009


I will post pics of the front. Just for you. Even though we are still in need of a couple plants.
When we moved in
After removal of stuff and finals
random other photos
So what should we use to shade the seating area? Any ideas. I thought we could build a frame the same color as our trim with some solar screen on it and hang it from the awnings across the area, from the corner with the bay windows across. Kenny said he thinks it would look stupid over the walkway and it should only cover the actual seating area. Which I think would look stupid with this small strip over half the walkway uncovered. Anyone have any ideas on things we can use?
Oh forgot a pic
need to fix that corner of th border. See our Japanese maple? and our Cannas? Can't wait for the next batch of flowres on the cannas.

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Friday, June 19, 2009


I just wanted to post a real quick teaser photo of the front yard. The furniture is now out there and we will prob get the rock and what not to top it all off tonight after daycamp family dinner night. Which i am not thrilled about. It is hot n muggy here with a nice over cast sky in the upper 90's.
Today, after supervising the placement of my furniture, I rescreened the back door and am rescreening the front screens as well.
We had to once again disconnect the front sprinklers, sigh, as we had that pipe with the crack get worse n worse. We will get the parts for that as well I am sure. Third times the charm n all that right.
Kenny took all his paperwork in to the Realtor Association today on the way back to Sacramento after a swiiming pool presite appointment in Paradise. I am sure he will be a member soon. Then he can access the MLS and we think get his key card for lock boxes.
His Fathers day gift came today. I will leave it boxed for him to enjoy putting together.
We will prob get the shed up in the next week. He needs to measure and level and get the plywood for the floor. Then alllll that yard stuff in the garage can go out. We need a lock for it too. Keep the munchkins out.
He got a couple shop lights for the garage. That will be nice actual lights in there. I can't wait for it all to be done and we can sit out in the evening on our new furniture.
Oh the teaser photo.. here ya go


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Thursday, June 18, 2009


wanted to do a quick post to say that Mr. E is on the 4th Twilight book. The boy is a reading machine! Those are thick books. I am SO happy he has gotten into reading.
I am sitting here waiting on the Lowes truck to make a delivery. They said between 8-noon closer to 8. Mind you they said that at 7 in the stinking morning when they called my house! And just so you know how fast they are, we placed that order yesterday at 7:30 pm ish. Quick! I got my truck out of the garage so they can shove everything in there. I wonder if thers anything I can put together. You know I am going to be looking to see!
I started digging my avocado tree hole yesterday. Goodnight that is a big hole. I had to stop when I filled the wheelbarrow as I can't move the thing lol. So it must wait until Kenny moves the dirt where he wants it. I think he is using it to level some ground where he is putting the shed for all the yard equipment. Just think the garage will feel empty! Can't wait.
They are also delivering some patio furniture for the front yard. I assume we will get that up asap even though we havn't done the rock yet. But what do I know. We will prob get the rock tonight anyway. If our project window has opened yet. I will call n see.
Kenny had his first class last night and is now an official broker for Coldwell Bankers. He has another class next week. I can't wait to see his name on a sign. I am soo excited for him. He is going to go in and become an offical Realtor sometime soon. They have odd hours though so he will have to figure out a time he can go in. Then he can say he is a Realtor not just a real estate agent. Whoohooo Go Kenny.
The boys have daycamp this week and are enjoying it alot, though they did opt to go to VBS last night instead. They are having a blast so far this summer. And I am ready for a break!
Well thats all she wrote for now. See ya's later.

ETA: babe I hate to ruin your day, but uhhh ya know that dripping from that sprinkler pipe out front. It is not just in need of tape. It is now pouring out and the pipe is cracked. Ahhhh the never ending joy of old sprinkler systems.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

So far

this week we put up a screen to block sun from the back windows, had scout advancement meeting (pics to come).
The boys were so fab. We are sooo proud of them all. Evan earned his Arrow of Light, the HIGHEST award any cub scout can earn and the ONLY patch that gets carried over to his boy scout uniform. He worked hard for that. We are very proud of him.
Evan n Cay saw the dentist Wednesday (sigh) Evan has a filling on a baby molar that split and a cavity got in the hole and got to its baby root, he has to have a pulpectomy and cap on it. Yikes!
Wednesday evening they had their first night of VBS. They had a blast. Kiara was horrified about going home when it ended. She was crying because she wanted to stay. The boys too had a blast. They cant wait for next weeks. Today K had ballet and tomorrow I have a moms night out at a friends place. Sat mom n dad fly in and me n the kids will go to church while Kenny is picking them up. Then allllll next week the kids have day camp. Well Evan n Jarod do. Going to be a long week. We figured out how much sand we need and are all set to get it. OHOHOHO and they had an avocado tree!!!! Kenny will get it when he gets the sand. They only had 2 and they weren't there last week. I would of got it on the spot but we were in my car, no room. Can't wait till the front is done. It is going to be fabulous.

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Monday, June 08, 2009


did some yard stuff this weekend.
Cay the girls n I picked up lemons and plums off the ground. fun. Kenny Evan n Jarod dug out the front area, where the patio is going, and wheeled uhmm 9 wheelbarrows of dirt to the back yard. Had to lower the gropund level to bring it back up with sand n stuff. They then put down weed fabric and put bark around the 2 plants we do have planted in that area. We need sand now, and a nother bag or 2 of bark, oh and the rock we are putting between the pavers. A couple more plants and the front is done. Although I gotta say just that area being covered by fabric looks 100 times better then the dirt. Course we gotta figure out where to get the sand now. We need a lot. Fun Fun. I have an ob app in a few so I need to get dressed. Wednesday Ev n Cay see the dentist and VBS starts. Thursday is ballet. Friday night a friend of mine is having a girls night at her house. That will be fun. And Sat (I think) mom n dad fly back in from OK. Next week Ev n J have scouts day camp all week. So they will miss next wednesdays vbs(they are doing it every wed evening for 5 weeks. Next Wed night Kenny starts his training too. And tomorrow night is scouts advancement night. Busy busy. Evan has earned his Arrow of Light which is the ONLY badge that moves on from cub scouts to boy scouts. It is the highest award you can earn in cubs. And he bridges to Boy Scouts. Go Evan! J moves up from tiger to wolf. Whoohooo. Cay will be a tiger next fall. OK must go get dressed. And dress the kids since they are coming with me. JOY.

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Friday, June 05, 2009

It's final

Schools over! My kids are home for the summer! HEHEHEHE now to think of evil things for them to do for me, such as clean their rooms and help with dishes and uhmm uhmmm oh wait they did that anyway... huh.. I will think of some extra something for them to do to keep them busy. The best thing of all no smart start this summer. No waking the kids up early to take 1 child to school for 4 weeks! YIPEEEE first summer we have had completely off in like 2 summers. Course next summer Kiara will be in it. Joy. Sniffle. Well off to call EDD and make sure they received my extension. They are almost 4 weeks behind! My checking account is crying out in need of that money to pay bills. Hope it gets here in time. Must go Mr E wants to finish watching a movie on his laptop. Bye for now.

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So far

We have planted the tree and fixed the sprinklers. Yup sprinklers are fixed and just need to be reburied. Been busy here.
My lemon tree is almost devoid of lemons finally. And my evil plum tree is starting to ripen. Sigh. We didn't do any projects last night as we were both kinda wiped. I was at the park with J and C classes from 9 to 1 pm ish then we ran home cleaned th dirt off of us, gave L a bottle and got K ready for ballet. When we got home from that it was time to start dinner. Kenny got home late yesterday as well, gotta love it when people show up at closing time and then hang for an hour. RUDE! They may not have things to do but ya know the employee keeping the place open for you sure does! In this case he had 5 kids and a pregnant wife to get home to visit. Today is the last day of school, and report cards come home. OOOHHHHHhhhoooooOOOOOHHHH. LOL. The lawns are mowed and I gotta say when we finish the patio area in front it is going to look sweet! The part that is done (we think it may need 1 or 2 more plants though) looks awesome. WAY better then the nasty bushes and dirt that was there. I have a few little tomatos on my plant ( still green) they are the first things growing. Though I see pumpkin flowers about to bloom. We had a massive lightning and thunder storm here Wednesday night. Was beautiful. Non stop lightning. Literally you didn't go more then a second or 2 tops between flashes. And it poured all night long. Was fabulous. They are not holding a ceremony for the graduating Kinders. Which rather annoys me. But they are still getting a certificate. I must find out when So i can come watch. I haven't heard anything from my OB so I am hoping everything was fine in there. Course he could be waiting till Monday when I go see him. That will be fun. Allllll the kids home from school. Sigh. Kenny starts his training Wednesday night. Going to learn all kindsa goodies. Cay has his last game tomorrow. YEAH! I am still sore and wiped out from yesterday. I didn't even do anything at the playground, just sat most of it or walked her to there to keep an eye on mine. Anyways must go get dressed to take the munchkins to school. Hey mom, I forget what day/time do you fly in?

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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Last night

Kenny installed a new garbage disposal in the kitchen. (like it would be in the bathroom)
It is awesome! Sooo much quieter then the old one and the best part of all it doesn't leak disgusting foody rusty water under my sink onto everything that's under there. Whoohooo WTG babe! More projects for this week include planting the bloodgood Japanese maple tree out front. (So pretty and such a deep dark purple)We must also finish fixing the sprinklers in the front yard. We had them all fixed Sunday and running! then they wouldn't shut off Kenny touched a solenoid and it snapped off! NOW since these are parts that are no longer made we must replace all of it. Which means cutting raising and gluing more parts (not to mention buying them. Fun fun. And there is a medicine cabinet in the garage we are going to put in the main bathroom for the kids toothbrushes and stuff. We need to put up the little border we have left in the smaller front yard section (in front of were we will be putting our patio) and then fill it around the plants there with bark we got. We replaced the weak little wobbly wish it was bender board stuff we had out front with some really cute multi level rounded wood border stuff. similar to that but not bambo. Imagine each 2 pieces of bamboo stuck together to form one rounded stump of wood all different levels like that though. Probably a bit shorter too. But that's what we put out. I will take a pic when it is all done. the patio is on the list but it is way down there as we need to get rid of some dirt and get rock and sand and stuff. Lets see oh yes we have some bamboo fencing we are going to put up in the back yard to help block the sun and heat from the house. We plan on adding a window to the garage to put in an ac unit so we can make it a workout game area. Again lower on the list. The backyard needs the old walkway removed and a patio area put in. Ditto on the list placement. We did get the garden done. YEAH! I have Corn, cantaloupe, watermelon. pumpkin, zucchini, crookneck squash, tomato, jalapeno, green bell pepper, cilantro, rosemary and strawberries. The strawberries are in a planter so as to not take over the garden area. And the teeny tiniest cutest little insects. Photobucket
yup, little baby praying mantis's all over my yard. They are soo itty bitty. The plant it is next to is a baby zucchini plant. I would say it was as long as a pinky fingernail. I had my camera about 4 inches from it and it was zoomed all the way in. and of course we still need to put up trim and seal our grout in here lol. But we need a bigger truck to get the trim it is too long for our truck.
Jarod and Kiara see the dentist today. Should be thrilling. I am worried bout J's mouth. He has a very small mouth and his adult teeth in front push all the other baby teeth out of the way. I fear they will want to pull teeth. Which for Jarod will be worse then anything. poor guy has such a sensitive mouth and freaks out at stuff in his mouth. Wish us luck.
it is the last week of school. Report cards come home Friday. Cay and Jay have a field trip Thursday to the park. Me and the girls will be joining them. We have little league today and Thursday scouts tonight, ballet Thursday and then .... it's summer! Going to be a loooooooooooooooong hot summer. Well I have written a very long probably rather boring post. But now you know what we have been up to lol. Must go change a stinky butt.

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Monday, June 01, 2009

I did it

I turned in the letter to the school today to get the testing started on Jarod so that when school starts it can get done quick. I want him to get all the help he might need to excel at school. It is kind of nerve wracking still. My fabulous neighbor (who happens to be a school psychiatrist) typed me out a letter for the school that I just had to sign that way all the correct info is on it. Wish us luck in getting the ball rolling.

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