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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


I think we are going to make a offer on

house #2 the 3/2 it has way more potential and is a good price with afew minor changes could be worth WAY more then we buy it for instantly whch is a goodthing but we are still hehawing over it lol scared we offer andthe perfecthouse pops up ya know but then there will ALWAYS be a BETTER house out there somewere who knows whattomorrow could bring but we gotta worry about today and we need to stop throwing away our money on rent (which i have to go pay tomorrow lol)

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car place called

andmy cars done everyhtings fixed oils changed relay swich replaced air bag light fixed ( was a loos wire they said) and the grand total after my warranty deductible and with oil change came to ....
81.75 cents YEAHHHHH i wasthinking it was gonna be 180 but whoohoo 81 i like lol

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Monday, May 30, 2005

my suv

took it in this am to get oil changed and check the airbag light and the smoke issue......

ughhh some stupid multi function relay switch in my steering colume is the prob caused the smoke n everything they said its a common problem.. but it being a holiday noone is open for htem to get the part to fix it or to call it in to my warranty comp so i must leave it overnight sigh...... guess E isnt goin to school tomorrow wonder how much this is the estimate has it at 130 hopefully wont cost more

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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Monday Madness

click to see yes im early.. I had Evan choose he picked E

I'm asking you to choose a letter of the alphabet. Now list the ten items below that begin with the letter you chose....

1. a family member...Evan lol
2. a movie... E.T
3. a game... Episode 1 Pod racing (for n64)
4. an automobile... Explorer
5. a fictional character... Elmo
6. a famous person... Einstein
7. a food... Eggs
8. a household item... envelope
9. a book... eyes of the dragon (king book)
10. a song... electric avenue

sheesh that was hard lol
Thank you Monday Madness

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Jarod.... is SO funny... I was sitting there holding Kiara talkin to kenny andjarod was standing there playing with a toy and outof nowere he walks over holds kiaras hand and says "I wanna marry her" me andkenny both holding back giggles tell him he cant marry his sissy its not allowed.. but that it was very sweet of him to say that... no idea were that came from.. but was SO cute hes so gentle with her when he sits in cays seat in the car he holds her hand even why she sleeps ok im done

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too funny

and SOOOOOOOOOO bored! Posted by Hello

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Saturday, May 28, 2005

the hunt

for a home...
went on the prowl today saw like 14 houses of which we liked 2 enough to put on a list lol house #1 is a 4/2 10 years old with a pretty big back yard costs 360K
needs lotsa landscaping new carpets n some fixes in the kitchen ( cracked tile on bfast bar handle on nuker broke sm stuff)is in a ok area but on a busy street

house #2 is a 3/2 on a bigger lot then #1 good curb appeal in a nice quiet area... needs new carpet for sure! carpets in great condition but its original carpet n the house is 24 years old so its that shades of brown textured carpet.. needs a new built in micro but otherwise in very good condition and its 40K less then house #1 and has been on the market since nov soo prob accept any contigencies we can come up with lol room to add on and with just some minor fixes (listed above) would be worth way more then its selling for now.. so would make a huge profit if we ended up waning to move up in a year or 2 instead of adding on....

frankly id prefer hte 4/2 just cause its newer and has 4 bedrooms but it is way more then the 3/2 and its kinda overpriced for that neighborhood so might not gain equity fast... and doesnt really have enough to do to make it our own you know... the 3/2 though i could see it being amazing inside and all ours and its way cheaper and in a great area... ughhh decisions decisions.... oh well we will figure it out i get to take my truck in monday to get the oil changed and everything checked and especially get my electrical wires in the steering column and the air bags checked the air bag light popped on again no idea why thinkin maybe its from the smoke i saw hopefully if it is a big thing our warranty will cover it if not bye bye money lol =) ok im done yammering for hte moment chow

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too cute

they thought they were  Posted by Hello

IT! Posted by Hello

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Friday, May 27, 2005

Just for you Sher

pics  Posted by Hello

taken Posted by Hello

outside Posted by Hello

in good light  Posted by Hello

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in the car

cick to see

waitin for Evan Posted by Hello

take my pic again Posted by Hello

cay n kiara snoozin in the back Posted by Hello

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in the yard

here they are.....

Jarod Posted by Hello

cays a wetty Posted by Hello

why are u running away? you cant get any MORE wet! Posted by Hello

yes I see you Posted by Hello

what is it? Posted by Hello

we will never know Posted by Hello

coolin off Posted by Hello

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Aloha Friday

Would you consider yourself to be introverted or extroverted?

VERY introverted.. untill iv been around you for a while nget to know you then I become miss needs ta learn when to shut her trap... EXTREMLY shy in person...

What kinds of calendars do you own?

one on my kitchen wall with all my bills n dr apointments n other activities on it.Mr E has his own highlights one in his room. Theres one in dining room for this month that E made at school..

Spread the spirit of blogaloha…what blog should we visit this week?
Mashelles maybe if she gets a TON of hits she will update it n let us poor out of state family members know whats goin on up there

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Thursday, May 26, 2005


whatcha doin Posted by Hello

click read more to see...
her cute outfit today =)

im  Posted by Hello

so Posted by Hello

pretty Posted by Hello

dont Posted by Hello

you Posted by Hello

totally Posted by Hello

agree Posted by Hello

not so close mom! Posted by Hello

thats better Posted by Hello

your so funny mommy Posted by Hello

thats my Jarod Posted by Hello

EWWWW Cay noone wanted to see that lol Posted by Hello

there I am again Posted by Hello

BYE for now! Posted by Hello

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