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I am the mommy of 7. 4 boys 2 girls and a lab puppy. Wife, student and I work at a veterinary hospital. My hands are full and I wouldn't have them any other way.

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Monday, April 30, 2007

I am

worse if that is possible.

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Friday, April 27, 2007


is ALWAYS fun to be knocked on yer behind by a 105 degree fever that never drops below 100 even with tyleon motrin in ya, have your gums around your wisdom teeth swell up and hurt BAD enough that you can't open your mouth more then a half inch wout tears springing to your eyes, a sore throat that kills to even drink water let alone eat, oh and the fever or the virus I am unsure which causing blisters all over the inside of my lips n cheeks, a awful headache that double doses of extra strength Tylenol doesnt touch (luckily motrin seems to help a little though) and have every muscle in your body be on tingly burning pained mess that can barely hold you up. I have no pictures from my birthday Sher sorry. We didnt go anywhere kids were sick we just hung out watched movies together Kenny got me italian for dinner and we had big ol super sundae for dessert. I got a new tolkien book and a new fancy smanchy rice cooker that actualy cooks enough rice for the family! my steamer didn't no more standing at the stove stirrin rice and or forgetting to stir it and then burning it lol. OK the few minutes of less pain the meds hitting me gave are starting to wear off must go attempt to slurp something down without crying to much lol.. I swear If it wasnt for hte gums part It wuldnt be so bad well the fever isnt nice either but the rest I could handle but the gums man I can barely talk I am like a slurring drunk they r so swollen lol.. don't make fun OK I am freezing again going to go blanket up n try n drink some more water or something who knows...

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Digital Photo Frame

Nowthey are giving away a Digital Photo Frame! So Run on over to 5 Minutes for mom and enter!

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Friday, April 20, 2007


hair is starting to bother me.. its at that tickling my neck phase. I am thinking I need to get it cut back into style and get it colored. But I made a deal with myself notto color it till I hit 117lbs. SO after this weekend I guess i must really get back on the diet. I refuse to worry about food intake this weekend though because HA its my BIRThDAY! and I'll eat if I want to Eat if i want to. you know how it goes lol...

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Coxsackie Virus

WEELLLP its official Jarod and Kiara have it. They both have fevers and sores in there mouths. Poor guys. Caylum must still be healing from it he slept from about 4-5pm till 8 am today. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Evan does not get it. It is one of those highly contagious viruses that they don't let u go to school with. That means that at the end of the dang year he would miss his first days of school! SO close to perfect attendance! So Pray he doesn't get it he is kinda excited about the perfect attendance thing... or maybe I am. LMAO Hopefully me and Kenny don't get it although with how we share food and drinks I am pretty sure we are doomed. Oh well. At least they don't have the hand foot and mouth form of the virus. (knock on wood) Should make for a fun birthday weekend for me. Maybe I won't get it you never know.

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Thursday, April 19, 2007


Lets see what have we been up to. Well we had a wonderful Easter with family. The kids had a blast hunting up the 80 some odd eggs that the bunny hid in the field. We discovered mosquitoes really like Caylum and Kiara and that their bodies don't like mosquitoes. Horrible reactions the marks are just now starting to fade and they didn't even "scratch". (laugh) Uhmm I finished Biology Finally YEAH! I averaged a 95.5% GPA for the class could of been higher but I made a stupid mistake or 2 on the tests. You know the kind the ones where when you look at it after its graded you say omg duh I didn't even see that answer.. sigh oh well. My GPA for the semester so far is still a 97%. Just got to keep up my grades. Going to give my brain a break then on to Animal A&P. I happened to glance into my atlas of dogs and cats book and was unprepared for the real not drawn pictures of them I discovered.. EWWW! It didn't bug me so much just I had not been prepared to see it. Note to self keep that book away from kids. They don't need to see pictures of dogs and cats from out to in one layer at a time...... more Evan is doing great in school. =) We are so proud of him. We just enrolled Jarod for Kindergarten last week. He is very excited. They had this health screening thing here and I took the kids to that one day. It was interesting. They went over everything from nutrition to speech. J & C have perfect hearing and perfect sight. Caylum scored at a 5 and 6 yr old level for the learning skills testing. Prob would of scored better then that but they only went to age 6 lol. Caylum was sick over the weekend. High fever, shaking, sweating, sore throat, sore mouth, pain just the works. To top it off the virus gave him a bunch of canker sores in his mouth and on his tongue and the inside of his lips which swelled up and look quite painful. The Dr thinks it is coxsackie virus. Which means he will prob have the sores for a week. Poor kiddo. Kiara is her normal royal self. Kenny is of course wonderfully happy . Y We are going tonight (if he gets off work early) to get all the stuff for the front yard. Should be fun as its now cloudy windy and cold and the kids hate going there lol. I am excited though will give me something to do when its nice outside. I can get all the light stuff done and then we can do the heavy stuff when he gets home. I have a BUNCH of pictures to load but again I gotta get them off my phone and camera and then upload them and then add them and and and I don't feel like it right now. Jarod didn't go to speech this week Mon he had a fever and Wednesday we were at the Dr's office. Well last night at dinner Evan says Mrs E (J's speech teacher) asked me on my way home where Jarod has been. Me and Kenny look at each other with the oh dear Lord what did he say look. Look back at him and casually say oh what did you answer? He says well I told her Caylum was sick and so Jarod had lots of CHORES to do so couldn't come. I mortified put my head up as Kenny starts snickering. The brat. I of course look at Evans grinning face and say your kidding me right. Nope that's what I told her mom she just said oh OK see ya later. HOW am I going to look her in the face next time I see her! CHORES!!!! HE HAS CHORES?! MORE IMPORTANT THEN SCHOOL!!! AAAK save me. He barely cleans his room lmao chores. oh man the things that pop into kids heads. Give me strength. Cay has been waking at night with this bug crying and being miserable crawling into our bed at night. The other night Kenny heard him get up and walk down the hall into the entry. So he got up and asked him what he was up to. Cay responded "Where are all the presents?" then turned around and went back to bed. LMAO kids. That's it for now. CHOW!

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Monday, April 02, 2007

Dyson Giveaway

Go here to enter to win a brand new Dyson Slim Vacuum. You only have till Wednesday!

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