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Tuesday, December 18, 2007


So I had my nst yesterday. Yes with all 4 kids tagging along. And they were quite good for me. Even though they asked the poor nurse 500 questions each time she walked in the room. The very first question she heard was and I quote. "What are you going to do to my mommy?" LOL poor lady. This was after i repeatedly told them leave the nurses alone do NOT ask them questions do not talk to them just sit quietly and watch the dvd we brought. Oh well. It lasted all the way untill the nurse walked in to hook me up. LOL ANYWAY baby girl was asleep. nice calm sleeping hr sitting nicely at about 132bpm. So the nurse comes in and has this black thing in her hand that looks like a handheld massager thing. Props me on my side with a pillow and explains to me that this thing will make a loud noise and startle the baby awake so they can get some movement going. She uses it on her neck and says it won't hurt at all.... I think she lied. She put it WAY low on baby girls head and hit the buton. It vibrated it made a loud noise and the second it turned on baby girl tried to jump out of my skin. Her hr skyrocketed to the upper 170s! She squirmed rolled twisted and flopped about in there like crazy. It was rather painful. And the poor nurse didnt get what she wanted even then. It scared baby girl so bad her hr stayed at the upper 170's for a good 15-20 minutes with NO dips at all. HA HA HA thats what you get for scaring my baby. It kept setting off alarms. The nurse came in and was all well we wanted her up. Guess she is telling us i'm up now deal with it. Even when she finally started calming down some the second shed move it would jump back up and set off the alarm. My quick 20 minute nst ended up taking about an hour. By the time it was done Evan and Jarod and Kiara where on hte bed with me at the end watching the babys heart on the computer screen and cay was sitting in the recliner watching the movie. I go back Thursday for my next one and an u/s. Luckily my neighbor volunteered to watch them for me. YEAHHHHHHHH.
Clark came by yesterday and measured where he will be tiling so we know how much gunk to get and make sure we had enough tile. We are at exactly the right amount. So we think we will buy another case or 2 to have just incase. I am excited about getting it all done. He is doing it at a great price too and letting us do payments. Well I need to go and do some scout advancements online then after i get j from school take them to the hut and get the badges and pins and stuff. Another leader is going to come pick them up after school today, since i am not going to scouts tonight. Jarod has his performance tonight and he is SO excited. I don't know what position girl child is in but I havent been able to breathe since yesterday morning. Its rather annoying. Especially since I still feel all movement against my cervix which hurts lol. oh one last thing. Last night the doorbell rang. And it was my neighbor and their children (6 of them) singing a christmas carol and giving us a gift. Was cool. The kids thought it was great lol.

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Monday, December 17, 2007

I swear

the l&d nurses are going to know me by sight bythe time I have this little girl. Went in again yesterday due to some mild bleeding that had stopped by the time the dr called me back. Yet I still had to go get checked. Sigh. THey didnt do a pelvic exam because they didnt want to start any bleeding back up. So I still don't KNOW if anything is going on in there. Other then that everything looked good. I have a nst in an hour. I get to bring the kids with me. Should be THRILLING! I have a nst and u/s Thursday same deal kids ahoy. and then Friday am a reg dr appointment with a dr i don't know and again kids. I am going to request they check me regardless of the kiddos being there too. I need to know before the holiday if there is anything new down there. Then I will know how easy i need to take it. I refuse to check myself because well bleeding lol.. Id rather not start some. Thats all there is here. Hopefully they don'tmind the munchkins with me for the test. there is nothing else i can do though. So they are just outa luck. I will bring the port dvd player n they can kick back in a chair n watch a movie. they are private rooms so it should be fine. The kids are good. Mostly lol....

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Friday, December 14, 2007

A sedo?

So I am sitting there minding my own business, when Jarod comes up out of nowhere and asks if Santa makes clothes too. I tell him yes of course he does. Why do you want clothes from Santa? His reply Yes! I want a sedo. A what? A sedo mommy! uhm Whats a sedo hun? Its black and nice and Daddy has one. I am sitting there completley flummuxed trying to figure out what in the world a sedo is. When i notice the closet he was just in. And it dawns on me.. (mibd you he has spent the entire time i was pondering explaining over and over what a sedo is) And i say OH a TUXEDO? Yes mommy with pants and everything1 I want one of those from Santa.
Yup my son the clothes fiend who LOVES to look nice in button front dressy clothes wants a tuxedo from Santa. How many kids do you know that WANT clothes from Santa?

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Had my first nst last night. WAS SO BORING! I laid in a bed with hte monitors hooked up tome like I was in labor and stared at the wall, the clack, my shoes, the computer monitor for about 40 minutes. I started to drift for a bit but didnt sleep. Next time I will bring a book or something. The baby looks great. The nurse said she wished all her nst babies looked as great as she did. =) So that was reasuring. She still does not like to be monitored but is now to big to escape the monitor. She was really quiet all day untill they hooked that minitor on me. Then started squirming and didnt stop untill they took it off. So they got lots of good reactions on the monitor. Then they unhookedme and did a quick u/s to check her fluid levels which looked good too. And sent me on my way. I go back monday for my next one. Which should be shorter as there is no u/s and they won't need to keep me hooked up as long. Yesterday was to get a good baseline on her heart. Which sounded like a galoping horse alot lol. I am pretty sure she flipped breech today. Up until last night (she was head down at u/s too) al hiccuos have been felt at the highest against my hip bone. I woke up this am to hiccups on my top right. Hoping it was just a fluke and shes already back down. Waiting on more hiccups here. I did find out why she hasnt been up in my ribs likethe others were though. My placenta is on the top ofmy uterus so it cushions all movement in that direction. So there is one good thing. Lets see.. Other thenthat same o same o.. back hurts front hurts bottom hurts lol... We are going to Robert and Ginas tomorrow for a get together. Should be fun. =) Other then htat notmuch. We need to find someone willing to watch our munchkins so we can go shopping. That will be hard. And i may need to find someone to watch the kids for my nst's next week. Kenny might not be able to get off work early monday (my app is at 530) and Thursdays appointment will need to be early in the day as Evan has his band performance that night. Next week will be busy lol.. monday nst tuesday Jarod school show, Wednesday Evan school show, Thursday nst and Evan band show, Friday dr appointment. OK I am ready for a nap just thinking bout it.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHERI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Monday, December 10, 2007


I had my 32 week ob apointment. Whoohooo.. Showed up 15 minutes early and managed to be done with plenty of time to get mr j from school! I go back the 21rst for my next apointment and i start my testing this week. Twice a week nst's and 1 time a week u/s.. Luckily the u/s is done at 1 of my weekly nst's so I will only have to be at the drs 2-3 times a week. I go for my first nst' this Thursday at 5pm.. Hopefully I can schedule them all at 5 or later. Kenny will leave work a little early to be here in time for me to go so that is good. Other then that not much going on. I went shopping this am and by the time i was done I had about 10 moments were i had to freeze until the pelvic muscle pains passed. So I have been doing as little as possible since then so they go away again. My ob said again all I can do is take lotsa warm baths and take tylenol.. yeah that will help. They keep getting worse and i will end up bedridden by the time i deliver lol. Anyway that is all. I am going to go curn up in a blanket for a bit with hte kids. byeee

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Saturday, December 08, 2007


So anyway last night Kenny was complaining about all MY baby crap sitting in the living room un Christmasing up the room. And to find somewhere else to put it. Uhmm yeah magic snaping fingers away! oh drat that didnt work. Not like I have anywhere to put this stuff. ANYWAY so today after getting grumpy remembering it I said screw it and did something with it alright. It took a bit of work but it is no longer in the living room. Where is it you ask? I have to start at the begining... First i had Evan take everything off the bottom shelf in his closet. Then I went in and removed all the screws on the shelf brackets. I then hammered away at the stupid shelf until it unnailed itself from the boards on the sides atached to the walls. SO I finally get the stupid shelf out of the closert and lug it out to the garage. I then stop and feed the kids some food harass them to pick up some toys and all that fun stuff and do some more laundry. I then go back in there notice that they put those shelves up a lot of coats of paint ago, so I go grab a sm can of white paint (no I don't care that it isnt an exact match) paint over all the unpainted spots. While i give that a few minutes to dry I go back my suv out of the garage and pull the dresser out in the garage and sweep away any spiders and check all the drawers and wipe it down. I then go back in the house (switch laundry out) sweep out the closet. Then i go drag push and pull the stupid dresser into the house with hte wonderful help of my children. HA! Got it in the kitchen and added some felt pads to the legs (it is oing on laminate after all gotta protect the floor) then I cartwheeled the thing down the hall. Got it in Evans room and in the closet YEAH ME! So he loaded all his clothes in one side and then we put ALLLL the movies and books back in the closet. How this fixes the problem of the clothes in the living room you wonder? Let me tell you. I then dragged all Kiaras clothes out of the closeet in here and put them away in the empty half of the dresser. I took Evans now empty plastic drawers and stack them on Kiaras now empty plastic drawers in my closet. I NOW have 6 EMPTY drawers in my closet! I then get ALL the baby stuff and get it put away nicely in drawers and dragged the carseat box into my room and put it in a coner untill it is needed. NOW the living room is baby "crap" free. TYVM! I decide i need to come post about it on here so I go online and read my mail get sidetracked by some news articles look at Mr Pokemons blog and look at this that n the other. I then hear the dryer ding so I grab my laundry basket and walk that way to get laundry and i notice hte kids left lunch bowls on the table. So I throw the basket in hte laundry room and grab the bowls, when I notice hte dry cereal someone snacked on all over the table. So I put the bowls in the sink and get all the cereal off the table and throw that in the trash when i notice theres a couple dishes in thesink that will fill the dishwasher and i can turn it on. So I load that and get it running and then remember that i didnt get to my blog yet. I turn around to come back in here and notice hte laundry room door is open so I go to close it and realize i never emptied the dryer. So I did that threw the wash in the dryer (sheets and blankets fun) and throw the last load of towels in the washer. I THEN finally got to get on here and post! Can you tell my memory is awful today? Iam now staring at the 4 loads of wash that needs folded and put away thrown on my bed.... Oh I also found out last night that Kenny has to work tomorrow at the mall in Sac, and we are going with him..... YEAH hte kids are thrilled.And then Monday I apparently get to lug the 2 younger kids with me to my ob appointment where i am prob going to be checked.. that should be interesting. Mommy WHY is he looking at your butt? Well hopefully I should say lol. Since if they are running behind I will just have to leave without being seen because my apointment is only 45 minutes before Jarod gets out of school. I will go a little early and keep my fingers crossed they can get me in quick. I am going to be so sore Monday Hopefully I will be able to walk into the dr office lol. We are having waffles for dinner tonight. Why? because my cabinets are bare and i have the stuff for waffles lol.. I on the other hand do not have the ability to go shopping with all 4 kids right now. SO waffles it is. OK must go get laundry folded at least before i need to start waffles.. Kenny prob left work 20 minutes ago. Id rather take a nap.

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007


We needed milk and cereal so after taking the 2 to school me and the younger 2 ran up to target to get some. Well we walk in grab a cart I put the kiddos in said cart and happen to see 2 shopping carts full of gift baggies. Yup FREE gifts! So I grabbed 2 one for each kiddo I had with me. (Can't be greedy) They were so excited. So I start to walk and i happen to look up and OHH ! Hey cay Who isthat? Who's who mommy? Right there see? No what? So I point his head in the right dirction at the guy in the red suit waving trying to get his attention and he about jumps outa his skin MOMMY MOMMY ITS SANTA! lol Kiara is spinning around in the seat to look. So Cay runs over and sits there with a big ol grin. Not talking just sitting there lol. Poor Santa couldnt get them to tal to him for nothing. And Kiara refused to get out of the cart. Though she did show him her goody bag and wave bye. Was so cute. I had NO idea Target was doing that. Glad i didnt go to walmart instead. We walked about looked at baby stuff.. Kiara saw a pink car seat her size and is planning on asking daddy for it. got some munchies (I hadn't eaten bfast yet lol) grabbed our milk n cereal n headed out. Got ourselves checked out and noticed HA FREE DONUTS! they had a lady stading there giving out donuts n muffins and hot cider and stuff. OHH the kids were excited lol. Some people are greedy butts man. One lady (who had just walked in the store alone) grabbed 4 donuts all for herself to eat while shopping! How rude. I only let hte kids get 1 each and hten i grabbed 1. Yummy they were SO fresh just melted in my mouth. I thought that was really cool of target to do all that. Oh and i got a 5 off a 25 dollar purchase coupon for next time i need to go there. Oh and just so you all know the 18th Jarod is having a christmas performance the 19th Evans is and the 20th Evan is doing a band performance his first ever! I can't wait to see him playing his sax up there! Your ALL more htenwelcome tocome for all of the above... lol. I seemy ob again Monday (the 10th) at which point I get to start my 2 times a week nst's... They BETTER let me do them in the evening otherwise they are just outa luck lol. And i think I get my next u/s scheduled too. Monk and physc start up again this friday. I am excited about that I like those 2 shows alot. Evan sees the dentist tomorrow. He is getting 2 adult teeth sealed and then they are making a mold of his mouth for his spacer. FUN. Well I am realy sore in this hard puter chair. Prob shouldnt of walked through target but ha it was fun. I just need to go sit for a little bit on a comfy couch =) After i pull somehting out for dinner. At least untill I need to go get jarod from school. Baby girl is still nameless. I need to find her a name. I am down to what 8 weeks 5 days till my due date. And to be honest i don't think I will make it that far. AAK the countdown has begun. OK gonna go rest a little baby girl is kicking me in the lungs.

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