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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

dr's and u/s

had my 30 week visit yesterday. was the usual. Weighed me (ick) took my bp checked my urine measured tummy listened to heart answered questions. I go every 2 weeks now and at my next apt in 2 weeks they will start me on the nst's (JOY) and I guess schedule my next u/s. Later yesterday i had my growth u/s (the tech frgot to hand me my pics and I forgot till I got home sniffle). Baby girl is (yes still a girl) head down facing front so is in normal birthing position for my ornery kids lol. She measured 29 weeks 5 days at 30 weeks 1 day so is measuring just fine. They didnt tell me a weight but at 29.5 the "normal" weight is 3.5 lbs so I am assuming she is that. Couldnt see her facereally well as she is so low already but after much pushing and prodding we saw her face (sucking her fist) and her profile for a second and she had the hiccups. Now I know why I have all these darn pokey parts sticking ot of me constantly and my back hurts so much. She is pressing against my spine and pushing her knees and elbows and heels out into my tummy.. The tech made a couple funny faces at the screen at first so I wonder what that was about she was looking WAY low like on my pelvic bone.. wonder if she was looking at my cervix or my prob riping in two pelvis lol... Sure feels like its ripping in 2. Anyway thats it for now. Evan goes in for his space maintainer next week. Well the mold for it I guess and to get 2 adult teeth sealed. Ahh the joys of owing dentists hundreds of dollars... Theres nothing quite like it lol. But teeth are important things. One rather needs them lol. Ok must go finish doing laundry. I have a baby shower Saturday =) And all the guys/kids are going to be hanging out here with Kenny during it. So must have a clean house lol. Hmmm wonder if I can put them all to work in the yard lmaopimp. I am really excited about the shower it will be my first one where people actualy show up. I guess I am backwards I get my first baby shower for my last baby. =) Thats it for now except there is 28 days till Christmas. and 68 days till my due date and I still have no name lol.

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Sunday, November 11, 2007


Happy Birthday Charles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you have a great day old man!

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Saturday, November 03, 2007


I took 1 of my last 2 tests today and got a 100. The 2nd test is filled out but I can't turn it in untill I am ready to take my finals. Since I don't even have anyone to proctor them for me yet let alone got my studying and review in that test will need to wait. ahh the joys of waiting. Hopefully I do ok onmy finals. I suck at stuff likethat and Iv'e been told they are mostly essay questions.. I REALLY suck at essay question. Scary.

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Thursday, November 01, 2007


finally got up the nerve to turn in my final math test. It was a doozy and I was pretty nervous as I hit submit. But I got a 100! I was SO relieved.

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