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I am the mommy of 7. 4 boys 2 girls and a lab puppy. Wife, student and I work at a veterinary hospital. My hands are full and I wouldn't have them any other way.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Some person, who has obviously been living in a deep cave under a rock in the middle of a secret jungle in an unexplored underground cavern, just asked me Who Johnny Depp is! Seriuosly I wanted to respond Saying Hi, My name is Kristina. Welcome to earth alien being.

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Ya know what kinda annoys me, Places that do Halloween on a set day at a set time that ISN'T Halloween! Like someone I was talking to online said there trick or treating is on Sunday before from 4-6 UHMMM helloo Ween is on a Friday! You don't celebrate Christmas on a dofferent day then it. The same is for Halloween. You trick or treat on Oct 31 whether it be a Saturday or a Wednesday! Thats the fun of it! And it really irks me when some idiot city tells someone the ONLY day and time they can do it.

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arm is much better today. The swelling is almost gone still a little redness and slightly warm, but altogether much better. Gonna benadryl him up n off they go to school.

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I wonder if anyplace does things on paper anymore. You can apply for almost any job online. When I was hired I had to fill out every single form online in the office. I know you can apply in person at most places and get a paper application. But if hired the rest is online. Unless of course its a small time place. But shoot Even at walmart you apply online in the store and target and even blockbuster. No paper anything there at all. The way things change man. My last job you had to fill it all out on paper in triplicate it seemed like. But hey progress right lol. Just a thought that stuck in my head after something my sil said, which made me wonder if anywhere does anything offline anymore.

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Monday, September 29, 2008


did the ChaCha for 35 dollars today. I know I keep yacking about it. But I love it. I had someone ask if Indiana was on the west coast today. HA did I ever laugh. 35 dollars a day could be 220 or so a week if I did it everyday like that. And some do 60 a day! How? I have NO idea lol. Ok I'll stop, for now. Going to bed I am tired my abs still sore from the icky bug. Night all.

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my phone bill with my ChaCha while I was sitting here.. ChaCha ROCKS! Sorry I am rather excited by extra money, even if I did have to work for it.

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Earned over 10 dollars by 1130. Go me.

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tummy bug

One has been running through my house. J came home Friday with it. I woke up yesterday with a 102 fever a upset tummy and every muscle in my body aching.. Joy.. Today Mr E has the upset tummy. I kept him home.. Kept J home too because his arm is really swollen and hot. I want to watch it. Sat evening he got stung by a bee right on his elbow. It is as I said swollen today and sore. Cay went to school. I almost kept him home just so I wouldn't have to drag E outa the house. But he got so heartbroken and started to cry. So off we went. I cashed out my ChaCha ($176) and yes I got it. It is sitting there all happily in my account waiting to go shopping. Which i can't do now as HA sick boys in the bathroom. And I am so not going anywhere with him. Don't want him to have a oops anywhere but home. I wish we had a Safeway. Then I could get food delivered! My ChaCha money woulda been a lot more but I worked all week. So hopefully this week i can Build it up fast. If I am not a slug after my gy shifts lol. We had a wonderful visit with my mil. The kids kept asking when I was going back to work so mamaw would come again lol. I had to explain to them from now on theyd be with daddy when I work. Thank you SO much for coming and helping out mom. Hmm guess we will have leftovers tonight for dinner. Then I will run up to the store n get some groceries. My first payday is Thursday. I can't wait. My first 3 paychecks go to a mastercard then after that they get dd into my checking account. every week. I LOVE weekly paychecks! ok gotta go. I need to either lay down or chacha. My tummy is still sore. to the touch even. no idea what that bug did to me man but it hurts lol. ok gonna chacha n earn 20 or so bucks. Byeeee

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Friday, September 19, 2008


Broke 100 dollars this morning doing the ChaCha! I love ChaCha!

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

it's official

I am now doubly employed. My background check came in today. I start Monday. And I ChaCha! How I love ChaCha!Go ChaCha its yer birthday gonna party like its yer birthday. Viva la ChaCha baby!

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Stuff again

Been doing the ChaCha in my free time (ha, been insane this last week, hopefully get more time for it soon) and I am up to 51 bucks. Go me. The week starting next Thursday will be better as I will make top guide which is double. hehe. A gal who started the day after me is up to 200. Ah for some free time! The kids are great. L has been drinking a formula bottle everyday to help keep her used to the taste. Waiting on my background check to come in so I can start my job. E's math teacher told me that he has been doing wonderful lately. That he got further on a practive sheet the other day then he ever has just zipped on through. J got a 100% on his first spelling test. Cay is still loving it, and started having homework which he still digs lol. I am going to a bachelorettes and bullets party tonight.I am a aspiring designer who just got overlooked for a promo for the guy doing the head of hr. Wonder if I kill her. hehe. I have to get totally fashinistaed tonight. Should be intersting. It's be a blast can't wait. Must go get house straightened up so I can figure out my outfit n hair n stuff. See yas later.

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Thursday, September 04, 2008


Not much going on here. Boys are still loving school. I am still hating english comp. Going to mamaw/papaws this weekend. thats about it.

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