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Thursday, October 20, 2005

taking the plunge

without a plunger.. ahh the joys of kids.... Caylum hasrecently decided to wear undies now and then he has yet to pee in the toilet but hey.. hes trying lol.. anyway today he wanted undies on .. ok ( he just picked out some spongebob ones at wally world) so hes in the bathroom i walk in there he of course had peed on hte floor so i think about and realize that i dont think anyones shown him HOW to use the toilet yet so i get his step stool lined up stand him on it and show him to lean fwrd so he pees in the toilet ... mind you hes already peed on the floor so i tell him to take his dirty undies to the laundry room and clean the mess get him fresh undies out and proceed to finish cleaning the windows i was cleaning when i hear the toilet flush AGAIN i think maaan cay come out of there as i walk in there to see him standing there staring at the toilet... and the toilet with the water about 1/2 inch from disaster luckily it had stopped running already (pheeew) so im looking around tryin to figure out what he put in it when i notice the tp roll is bare oh god he flushed half a roll of tp! we dont have a plunger! (we havnt bought one yet here lol) so i sit there staring at it for a few minutes then !!AHA!! run to garage get old wire hanger from box take apart said hanger curve one end and sit there for 10 minutes shoving it in and out of the pipe untill finally WHOOOOSH flushed the toilet needless to say we will be buying a plunger this afternoon but in the meantime who needs plumbers when youv got a wire hanger! (which promptly met mr garbage can)

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Hey!! Wouldn't you know, my kids did that too!! Only it didnt occur to me to use a hanger...nope I just locked the bathroom door until I could get up to Lowe's to buy this really nifty one that has it's own holder that turns shut by twisting the plunger handle...

You know you're a mom when a plunger makes you happy!

By Blogger Sheri, at 10/20/05, 1:53 PM  

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