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Thursday, October 20, 2005


a friend of mine told me about these undies that are SO comfy and dont leave panty lines she said they like carress your hiney and r the best undies shes ever owned sooo since im curious that way i ordered me a pair of them today they should be here next week sometime and then i will let you know how comfy they really are! thenyou can alll go buy some too lol they are kinda pricey but iv been told worth it we shall see ill even let ya know how the hubby likes them as hes rather not liking my undies i wear now they are all low rise maternity undies comfy yes sexy at all NO lmaopimp oh heres the undies anyone out there have any?? what do you think?

posted by Kristina @ |1:29 PM|


Low rise, boy cut...the greatest things since sliced bread.

I have two pair (not that brand) and they are literally falling apart because they are my favorites...your friends right NO panty lines, no riding up, no elastic hurting you...they are wonderful.

By Blogger Sheri, at 10/20/05, 1:56 PM  

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