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Thursday, November 17, 2005


I guess its a good reason to buy a new one... and your wondering what in the world im talking about?!? last night as i prepared to watch lost, say about 30 minutes before it started, Caylum for some strange reason decided for hte first time ever to shove a car in our surround sound reciver dvd/vcr. he stuck it in te vcr slot and shoved it down, it hit the motherboard and i saw the spark as it burned out and my tv went black.......i freaking out as i only had 30 minutes till lost was on unplugged it pulled the car out blew in it ,fingers crossed, plug it back in and wallaah! nothing no power no lights no anything at ALL sniffle now down to 25 minutes till lost i immedietly unhook everything from the back of it pull it from my ent center pull all the speakers out ... i then pull the tv out plug hte satelight and our other dvd player straight into the back of it (the front of our tv is broken too the buttons that is so you must be within 3 inches of it to get the volume to work) plug everything back in turn on the sat reciever and poof! tv! thank you ! yeahhhhhhhh! boxed up the surround sound thingy and speakers tossed it in the garage and then watched lost lol guess we need a new one now lucky man o mine gets to go shopping!

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But you got to watch Lost, and that's the most important thing.

By Blogger Sheri, at 11/17/05, 11:59 AM  

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