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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


well I took the kiddies monday night n we went n tried out awanna the kids LOVED it so we shall be returning Jarods bud Ian was there and caylum is old enough too! he was excited to be in the same room as jarod now i walked back n forth between the rooms the whole time evan was of course shy but he loosened up a bit when they had outside games now one of the times i was in with jarod n cay jarod was sitting next to this little girl hannah he goes mommy this is hanna and pats her head like a doggy then a few minutes later they hug (awwww) and hanna goes we like eachother and he was sitting there fiddling with her hair it was SO cute lol i had to refrain from giggling but it was sooo cute lol they enjoyed it and they had the nursery open for it too (not tht i put kiara there she wouldnt of beento thrilled with that lol next week ill drag kennny along with n maybe we cn check out the adult bible study (its held during the first hour of awanna) sooo so far so good with awanna

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Well we all knew "MR. Jarod," would charm anyone. That smile of his is so cute and innocent.

By Blogger Sue, at 2/8/06, 8:06 AM  

There are nice officers too like this one.

My last visit. Bye.

By Blogger jac, at 2/8/06, 9:56 AM  

OKay...I feel like I have worked AWANA enough that I can tell you it's AWANA not AWANNA..."Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed".

Phew...got that off my chest. LOL

Glad they had a good time. It's a great program!

By Blogger Sheri, at 2/8/06, 12:09 PM  

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