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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


i wanted to tell u last week like on friday i think i get a call from kenny hes got a flat ( on his way home) so hes out there on the side of a busy freeway when everyones going home and his jacks not working right he cant see (its dark) so after about oh 20 minutes of him trying to get it alone (mind u none of the 200 cars that drove past had stopped to help) he radioed me to come bring him a flashlight so he can see and some rocks to put under his truck wheels (he was on the edge of a drainage thing too) so i stop cooking dinner load the kiddies in head out luckily he was at hte edge of town one of the first couple lights so i get there keep my headlights on his truck of course and got the kids watchin a movie n we get out there (luckily i have 1 of those regflector traingles in my truck so i set that up as his feet are like inches from hte road and NOONE slows down! so anyway hes been stranded now for ohh a good hour and NOONE stopped to help! so we fix his jack (mines to tall not made for a little truck) get the rocks under his wheels but i cant stand there next to him for long amounts at a time holding the light i had to check on hte kids every few (evan hada flashlight n would shine it at me if anyone fussed) so im standing there flashlight in hand nwe are truing to get thejack in hte roght spot wasnt easy lol when FINALLY a car pulled over it was a CHP car for those non cali folk that is a cali highway patrol.. so he gets out askes if we need any help (we do of course but lol) but kenny says no i think wev got it (men lol) the officer helps anyway (thank goodness) so after a while they finally get the jack figured out im looking at the officer going hmm hes not in uniform wonder why (he had a chp jacket on though (he was in a cop car too) and hes in there getting dirty helping my kenny they get the tire all changed and we find out that this nice officer isnt even on duty hes on his way home from working an hour away! it was SO nice of him to stop n help anyway got dirty n grimy n wet but he helped anyway .. THANK YOU OFFICER! he was the only person who stopped or offered help and he didnt even have to as he was off duty

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That is great, Hey you should have help but some people are afraid to stop. but with two cars, one helping you would think, 'Maybe this family needs help'.
Good old CHP.

By Blogger Sue, at 2/8/06, 8:04 AM  

You don't have roadside assistance? It's only a couple bucks a month.

Hey...I remember one other time Ken got a flat...ask him if he remembers that? LOL

By Blogger Sheri, at 2/8/06, 12:07 PM  

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