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Saturday, March 11, 2006

a fun week

as im sure you saw on sher's blog its been fun! ha !!!! not anyway we are doing good now shes just got reg ol cold now snotty face n mild cough YEAHHH .. but man its not fun being to scared to sleep and then everytime you start to drift an alarm goes off on your baby which promptkly makes you scare the beegevers out of her tryoing to get her out of the hossy crib (dang cages) oy she was miserable! we were all scared for her! was awful man im to exhausted to type it all out but she had viral pneumonia and vomiting dehydration wheezing chest chest compressions when she breathed all that fun stuff iv o2 moniters her o2 hit low 80s a few times (SCARED THE CRAP OUTA ME!) but tended to stay at around 90 when asleep and 93-95 when awake was at 97/98 when they discharged her and she hadnt puked in a long time was nursing again and peeing they put 2 iv bottles in her and as it was it took 6 hours from hte iv going in till she peed poor baby girl and to top it all off as im sure u saw me nephew ethan pulled a dresser on himself and got staples in his head!!! its been fun but id like ta thank everyone for their prayers knowing you were thinking of us helped me alot and id like to again say ty top my mil for coming to save the day at home and watching the boys for us =) your a life saver and a sanity saver lol so thank you all and thank you to the staff at the hossy we were at on a side note there was like 7 babies born why we where there! they play a lullabye over the intercom at every birth =)

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oh my! Hope all is going better soon

By Blogger Jennifer, at 3/12/06, 8:25 AM  

Little Angels chest was heaving with every breath. It has almost unbearable to watch. But she came through and looks great, Mommy actually looked frazzeled.

By Blogger Sue, at 3/13/06, 2:19 PM  

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