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Thursday, April 20, 2006


was great day went to church with my mil and fil and came home had a baked tater bar (yummyyy) and then chatted played with the kids hada ice cream bar (yummier) hung out was a great day nice relaxing and fun I have a full memory card on my camera sooo im warning you now that in the next couple days to watch out! lol im going to bombard you with photos hmm prob when it rains because im still enjoying the sun! ahhh warmth.... and I wanted to give big ol hugs to my sil Sheri and say that I love her too! I couldnt imagine a better friend then her.. she puts up with all my whining! and then says such wonderful things about me iv got a face cracking smile on my face =)

posted by Kristina @ |10:51 AM|


Hey, nice blog you have here!

Hope you'll have a wonderfully happy birthday saturday :-)

(Sheri sent me over here)

By Anonymous Lifecruiser, at 4/21/06, 4:25 AM  

So when do we get the photos,
Happy Birthday Kiddo

By Blogger Sue, at 4/21/06, 8:34 AM  

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