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Saturday, July 15, 2006

just a little

update on us... been hectic n stressfull lol all the brick is out of thefamily room iv painted the trim and the roof need to patch some nail holes and paint the wall (gotta pick paint first) just burning time till we have somehting else to do lol.... todays my moms Birthday so HAPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU MOM! I need to call her in a few its my sisters bday next week and Evan and my hubbys next month school starts next month and kennys brother and fam are coming next month and his sister and hers for christmas... the kids are growing and being kids =) summers going by WAY to fast and wev yet to do anything remotly summery our plans for going to Arizona got blown up... we need to just up n disapear for a few days go somewhere do something im bored bored bored bored we are going to redding next sunday gonna raid moms pool I will get pics of it since shehasnt sent any yet I hear its BEAUTIFUL Jarod will be hapy to see the cement no giant black widows crawling up his chest ughhh bleck chills thank you god for the 2 inches of swimsuit between it and his skin i STILL have nightmares lol ok iv blabbered on gonna go eat im hummy

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now that explains where you have been. been a busy girl. Cant wait untill all of the above happens, Gonna be a great year,
Be glad to swim with someone next weekend, we get pretty bored swimming alone.

By Blogger Sue, at 7/15/06, 9:50 PM  

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