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Monday, August 28, 2006

All in Gods time...

I just wanted to share a little story... sunday the 20th the sermon was about how God does things in His time.. not our time... it really hit home.. My husband has been VERY frustrated at work.. promises made that where never even attempted to be kept.. things suppose to happen that never did.. transfers thatwherespose to happen ( to the point we where packed and ready to go) that always fell through yet other people got what they wanted ya know the feeling im sure... anyway that evening hubby was telling me how it hit home for him how he needs to not stress over it and let the Lord handle it all that it will come when God wants it to.... the next morning at work he was told hed be getting a transfer to his own store (you can hear me laugh about that in the post titled transfers) it seems that it is really going to happen this time too so It was perfect timing .. of course it was perfect it was Gods timing... I just wanted to say its amazing how things work out like that.. so if theres some stresser in your life just remember Gods Time is the RIGHT time and his time is prob way different then yours

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Isnt it great, when he's 4 days late he's still on time.
Lazarus was dead 4 days, the death watch was over, yet Jesus came to see his friend, 4 days late and raised him from the dead. It is never too late for him to see our needs.
Thank you for and uplifting post.

By Blogger Sue, at 8/28/06, 1:47 PM  

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