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Monday, August 21, 2006


sniffle ... on my wedding day a friend of ours gave us a can of S&W canned fruit as a wedding gift it said on it "to many fruitful years together" anyway we never ate it we saved it and keot it alll these years... well the otherday i was organizing my pantry and.............

noticed the can looked funny.. pulled it out and oh man after almost 9 years of marriage and sitting in one house and another it finally BIT THE DUST
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it like erupted melted through the can (which was rather bulgy at the ends lol) and lord it was sickly sweet smelling so after surviving almost 9 years it had to be tossed out =( its weird i know but it made me sad its lived through everything wev gone through together in our entire marraige 8 3/4 years 4 kids 4 moves everything!!! so now I write this post to continue the legacy of the can and MAY ALL OUR and YOUR YEARS TOGETHER BE FRUITFUL!

PS we gave our friend a can at his wedding too =) I wonder if they still have it

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Who gave you that? Was it Aaron? Or Mark? (Or Greg? LOL Or am I totally wrong on all three counts?)

By Blogger Sheri, at 8/21/06, 4:00 PM  

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