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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

little update

lets see whats been going on here .... not much lol... the boys had their first night of awanas monday they loved it cay earned his book and uniform at the first meeting! GO CAY! last night Evan had his boy scout roundup.. he lead everyone in the pledge and did a good job of it too =) ofcourse it couldnt be uneventful though one of the wandering people pulled a fire alarm pull (we think thats what did it)and set off the alarm which was loud.. and the fire men came and everything but they (of course) where very nice fire men and let all the kids climb all over the truck and gave htem stickers and stuff evan got to sit in the drivers seat he was excited about that... how we are going to top a firetruck at our next meeting i DONT know lol but the kids had fun... Evan has popped the last kernal on my sanity cobb yes i know im weird lol We are just at our wits end with him he again refused to do stuffin class yesterday and then had a complete meltdown when class got out and he couldnt make aliens (draw on the overhead and get it wet) i mean i litteraly had to drag him kicking and screaming out of the class I was SO embarrassed and mad got him home popped his nose in a corner and once he finally calmed down and stood there quietly for his time let him out and we had a discussion but i doubt it helped wev had lots of discussions about this.. I think his poor teacher is at a loss too anyway moving on.. Kenny is suppose to start at the new store on Monday we are still waiting to hear what kind of pay increase hes going to get (we will be losing money if its not enough to cover his loss of commisions for the rest of the year that hed get if he stayed where hes at) hopefully we find out soon! me, well im just me... accountant cook maid chaufer nanny well you know what i mean ... stressed

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Well I REALLY think you all should look into the homeschooling charter Ken was looking at last year. I think the child is bored and he needs more one on one attention than the teacher can give him.

But then, you already know I thought that.

By Blogger Sheri, at 9/13/06, 8:26 AM  

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