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Sunday, September 17, 2006


we had a good day today... got the front yard all edged mowed trimmed and groomed it looks awesome!.. oh mom evans little show is at 10 next sat but he has to be there at 930.... church today was good .. the kids all had fun of course =) during church after they do comunion and collect tithes they have prayer and praise.. where they ask any one in the congregation if they have anything they need prayed about or a praise for something thats happened ... me evan kenny and kiara are sitting there (they release for childrens church after that) evan was to my right ken to my left i was turned facing kenny with kiara on my lap listening to al the prayerrequests and praises and the elder asked if there was anyone else... and thenhe says oh in the back there so i turn to face hte people at the other end of the row we where on ... only to realise it was Evan with his hand in the air ! I look at him in shock ( you know how shy he is!) and then i whisper what are you doing Evan?? he smiles at me and i think oh dear lord what is this child going to say... chris ( the elder) walks back and asks what he needs.. and Evan smiles at him and says ...........
a laptop.....
the entire congregation broke out in laughter... me im beet red giggling tears forming kenny is over there smirking trying not to laugh ... Chris said you never know bud the lord works in mysterious ways... and he did indeed add it to the prayer .. we still crack up every time we think about it .. thats my boy

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That is so funny, I can just see Evan doing that, he wants one so badly. LOL So ask God. lOL LOL

By Blogger Sue, at 9/17/06, 7:49 PM  


By Blogger Sheri, at 9/18/06, 6:21 AM  

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