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Friday, October 13, 2006

odds n ends

this has been a fun week.... we where so busy monday awanas tuesday scouts wednesday the 3 boys had dentists ( cay has a sm cavity begining to form so theyare removing that next wednesday) then Kiara had her 18 month after the dentists.. shes perfectly normal lol and a total crack up....when the dr got near her she screetched like i was ripping her arm off and then the second he got a foot away she stopped lmao she got 2 shots so was grumpy the rest of the day.. yesterday i cleaned n cleaned and today i cleaned n cleaned and i got all the dang braches my trees have shed so far up and pulled up some of my veggies that are going dead.... Evan has afriend coming over after school... and tom afternoon friend of mine from H.S. is coming over for burgers another friend and her kids where suppose to come over (ahem) but life happens lol im still hoping to drag her up here even f it is with an extra child (the more the better as far as im concerened) that same friend wants us to go to a pumpkin patch here sunday afternoon with htem but we have a church thingy soooooooo we shall see... I have pics to post I just need to get htem from my camera to the puter! ohh I hear my bread timer dinging (made fresh bread for hte kids after school time snack) and maybe why evaNS FRIEND IS HERE ILL GETPICS POSTED!... oops cap lock sorry..

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