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Saturday, November 04, 2006

My children

are such sweeties.... this morning we went over to church to give the stuff we bought for the shoe box gifts... we werent sure if wed stay and help put them together or not as well it was me and 4 kids and I wasnt sure if wed just be in the way.. so we got there and the boys handed over htebags of stuff and then they just jumped right in ! Even EVAN! they helped open stuff and threw away the trash for people and they made little goodie bags with candy and stickers and hair doodads and they put the bags in hte box and put hte box on the table.. and then when everything was set up (and they had themselves a donut break lol) they were took turns either playing with hte few younger kids there or going down the line filling shoe boxes with me or one of there teachers Evan filled a few of his own and was SO proud of them =) and when the lines got kind of hectic jarod and Evan made them selves hte box people lol they whent to hte end of the lines behind the wrappers and took hte wrapped boxes over to hte other room and stacked them inside the big boxes so they could be put away and they didnt stop till Jarod put the very last box away.. and THEN they helped clean up picked up paper and plastic and chairs I was SO proud of them =) .. even Kiara was a good girl for me she pretty much sat on hte foor with another 18 month old and played with him or chased me around gigglng or played running through hte chairs... they where great!

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Wow that sounds nice. That is such a great lesson for them.

By Blogger Sue, at 11/4/06, 8:20 PM  

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