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Friday, March 16, 2007

Here there and EVERYWHERE

WELL it has been a busy few weeks!We did a bunch of yard work. We sanded the front door down painted the entry closet doors and the pocket to the laundry room. Oh and I painted the garage door to the backyard.................... There's more...

I went last night to a 2 1/2 hour training meeting to volunteer at the canine rescue here. There was a little girl there, 10 years old (5th Grader), a few of us were discussing spring break dates and I said my sons is the first week of April. The little girl then made my year. She looked at me and said you have kids!?! You look like you should only be in high school! I then smiled (more likely it was a huge goofy goober grin) told her my oldest was in 3rd grade and that she had just made my day! I told her mom I loved her and was taking her home with me as she is good for my self esteem. LOL Whoda thunk we would one day be THRILLED to hear we look like a kid.

Kenny has home shows the next few weekends so we won't be seeing much of him. Should be fun attempting church alone with the kiddos. Maybe we will go to Lowes and get the plants for my garden and do that this weekend while Kenny's at the shows.

I can't WAIT to do the front yard. One of our friends offered to help us dig up the bushes if he could have them. YIPPEEEEEEE!!! Have at em! Don't get me wrong I think they are beautiful bushes. Just not in my yard where they are. They are set at strange angles to each other and my house. They sit about 4 feet from my bay windows (blocking it I might add) with nothing between but weeds. They are the perfect hiding spot for burglars and other icky people. I can't stand them. I strongly desire to go out with a shovel and start digging. But I will wait as usual. LOL

Kiara was up till 4AM last night. I am a zombie today. Plus I have had a horrible sinus headache for the last 13 days. So far pain meds only help for like 30 minutes then it comes back. I am once again off the pill. No visit so theyare trying tofigure out what is going on. NO I am NOT preg. So get that out your minds. I pee'd on a stick and visited the vampires. NEGATIVE. I have a feeling they are going to wait till I get my period then give me a diff pill. I am thinking that maybe after 4 kids and 7 pregnancies my body has changed. It just no longer can handle the pill. No idea what I will do if thats right. I'd rather not have major surgery again. But you know. I prob will end up having to get myself fixed. Well hey 6-8 weeks of no chores no lifting no anything sounds kinda nice.... as if that would EVER happen HA!

Have so much more to do on our list. The front yard the back yard my garden needs planted for the year. Oh 1 of my crepe myrtles survived the freezes. I am pretty sure the other is dead as a doornail. We also still need to do the floor tiles (entry kitchen dining laundry and bar areas. Get new countertops put in. We are leaning towards slab granite right now. It is SO beautiful. Paint the boys rooms. Make Evans bed. New lighting fixtures in the dining entry and bathrooms. We want to replace our bedroom closet doors. Paint the boys closet doors. I am going to put magnetic paint on the bottom of their doors too. Oh you know what would be an AWESOME birthday/mothers day gift! Having a piano in my living room. That would be great. Ya know before their is new tile in the entry and no chance of it EVER coming across them. Still need to get stuff on the walls they are SO bare. We are looking at patio furniture too. We can't find a table we like that comes stand alone (always in sets man). Wicker couch/coffee sets are expensive! We are looking at something cozy like that for the front porch we are going to put in.

Evan is doing wonderful in school. Jarod's speech is greatly improved. Caylum is a dancing machine. Did I tell you he wants a disco ball in his bedroom! Kiara is a girl, a princess, and the pea. LMAO If it is pink she screams points and hollers MINE! I now have ALL the kids birth certificates pitb that was and can register Jarod for K next month! YEAH! I am chugging along in my studies. Almost ready to take my 3rd Biology exam. (there are 5 total) When I finish my 3rd they send outmy next shipment Animal A&P and my proctor paperwork. I am VERY nervous about proctors. What if I don't find anyone willing to give up an entire day a semester to wander around near me while I take 7 hours of tests! Which I prob won't do good on as most are essay and I SUCK at the whole essay thing. Uhmmm I guess thats it for now. I am sure there is more I wanted to say but I am brain dead and can't remember. Sorry. Here are some random pics Of the kids and the doors n what not.

entry closet before
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front door

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
After sanding (not stained yet)

Pocket door I don't have a head on pic of it why I haven't a clue.so you can kinda get an idea.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Anyway you get the idea. We aredebating taking the pale blue/green color we have on the far wall and putting it on the trim of the pocket door to just kinda break up the white. Ok I have written a book. BYE!

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Well you have to write a book when you don't ever update!

House looks nice, I like your front door.

We have tons to do here, but it hasn't warmed up enough yet. And I know what you mean about wicker sets for the porch. That's what we want also, but HELLO, they are pricey (Plus I worry that the humidity here wold kill 'em!)

Tell Kiara that Aunt Sheri says she's smart and pink is the way to go!! Pink and Chocolate, man she is MY KIND OF GIRL!

By Blogger Sheri, at 3/16/07, 1:39 PM  

Hey Kris I just want to say Be Careful or you will have an other child on the way :) Dont have the surgery make an appointment for Ken and make him do the deed it is only around $800.00 for him to do it and 20 minutes later he is done he sits on an Ice bag for the weekend and is back to work on Monday good as new. Now if you do the surgery you are out as you said about 4 weeks and it is major surgery and the cost is thousands even if you have insurance there is still the deductable and 20% Both of his brothers have done it he can too, but watch out for the stories it seams everyone has a horror story when it comes to this kind of surgery.

By Blogger Mashelle, at 3/16/07, 7:33 PM  

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