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Thursday, March 22, 2007

My oh so fun night

I am SURE you hear the sarcasm dripping from my voice uhm typing in the title. Had a pretty good day Kenny was off work had friends coming over for dinner (the big bushes are now completely OUT of my front yard and it look like crap but I love it. Can't wait to get planting) Had a play date at a friends house.. Was just a nice day all around... And then after dinner it is about 8:45 PM. We are walking our friends out to the door. When all of a sudden from behind us we hear THUD ... SCREAM .. We all turn around and Kenny goes around the Bfast bar (where Cay is screaming) and Cay comes barreling around the corner towards me. I hear Kenny say he wants his mommy. I bend over n hug him glance up at Kenny who has stopped dead in his tracks staring at Cay right as he says WAIT! he is bleeding! I push back look at Cays face nose mouth lips chin the usual suspects from thuds and blood. As Kenny rushes over saying no the back. I spin Cay around and there's blood running down his head onto his shirt. AAAK! I slap my hand over the cut and push it there why our friend hands me a towel we get that on it. Kenny takes a peek as I say we gotta take him in. Kenny says yup he will need stitches. I glance up at my friend soo uhmm can you stay a little bit?? Of course she could. THANK YOU LYNN!!! We get our shoes on all why I am holding the towel on his head (Yes I AM good) Send Evan to bed (No Evan you can't wait up for us) tell Jarod Cay will be fine! Tell Kiara she will be fine! (LOL) Go out to the car where I yank the seat next to Cay's out and plunk myself in next to him to hold the rag on. (BTW I looked RATHER funny way back in the 3rd row head touching the roof knees bent. When we got to urgent care it had slowed to a oozing of blood. UC closes at 10 we got there at 905. You could tell they wanted us to go to the ER so they could leave at 10 on the dot. I was NOT sitting in a ER for 3 hours while my sons head was bleeding! And there's a 100 ER copay! NO TY. Anyway once they realized it wasn't just a bump on his head that he was bleeding they got him in back while I checked him in trying to keep the dried blood on hands off all there stuff. They got him all cleaned up shaved his head around the cut and gave him 3 stitches. And he DID NOT CRY AT ALL! My big boy.. He is trying to kill me before I hit 30 though. He is my danger child the one who gets ALL the firsts for owies. First Xray First cast First stitches.. sigh .. Well Jarod had first surgery but that wasn't an owie. Took him in this am to reg dr to just get him checked over good .. They only cleaned n stitched him at the UC didn't even check his pupils! He is fine no worries. =) Here are some pics we took.
At UC with the cream to numb the skin so when they injected the lidocain it wouldn't hurt.
At the UC He wanted to see a pic of himself smiling (the first 2 pics are from my camera phone so sorry if they're blurry)
home and in bed now.. He was out within a minute of me taking this pic
The stitches this morning in the light O day. The cut is almost an inch long!
He goes back tom to UC for a check then next Wednesday to get the stitches out. That should be fun.

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Poor Cay!! Now you and Ethan have matching head wounds!! (Ethan's was higher up though).

Feel better soon!

By Blogger Sheri, at 3/22/07, 10:34 AM  

i love you mom,and poor caylum.

By Anonymous Evan, at 4/20/07, 2:43 PM  

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