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Thursday, March 29, 2007


After spending the majority of this month sick. I finally had enough energy to get my 3rd lesson read in biology (there is 5 total) took my test yesterday and got a 100% yeahhhh.. I got 92's on the last 2 tests was bugging me. Now to get the next 220 pages read of the next lesson. 14 chapters here I come. My stupid GPA is down to a 97% because of my 2 92's sigh... Oh well I've got lots more tests to bring it up as high as I can. Fingers crossed for 100% across the board. Then I might stress LESS over finals... Which I hear All but math are essay style (SCARY). I suck at essays SUCK HORRIBLY. It is my greatest fear.. hence my determination to get as high of grades as possible on my reg tests as they are 2/3rd my final grade (Finals being 1/3). OK Off to do laundry then hopefully read a chapter or 2 depending on how big they are. (Some just 5 or 6 pages some are 40 lol) with lotsa tests inbetween.. OK Bye for now!!!! ohohoh friday is Evans last day of school till April 10th.. So hopefully I can get alot of reading done. I am hoping to go volunteer this sat at the shelters adoption if Kenny has the day off. (99% sure he does) I will finally get to help!

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