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Friday, April 20, 2007

Coxsackie Virus

WEELLLP its official Jarod and Kiara have it. They both have fevers and sores in there mouths. Poor guys. Caylum must still be healing from it he slept from about 4-5pm till 8 am today. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Evan does not get it. It is one of those highly contagious viruses that they don't let u go to school with. That means that at the end of the dang year he would miss his first days of school! SO close to perfect attendance! So Pray he doesn't get it he is kinda excited about the perfect attendance thing... or maybe I am. LMAO Hopefully me and Kenny don't get it although with how we share food and drinks I am pretty sure we are doomed. Oh well. At least they don't have the hand foot and mouth form of the virus. (knock on wood) Should make for a fun birthday weekend for me. Maybe I won't get it you never know.

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Sorry they are all so sick! If it makes you feel better Ethan threw up all over the carpet today.

By Blogger Sheri, at 4/20/07, 1:33 PM  

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