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Friday, April 27, 2007


is ALWAYS fun to be knocked on yer behind by a 105 degree fever that never drops below 100 even with tyleon motrin in ya, have your gums around your wisdom teeth swell up and hurt BAD enough that you can't open your mouth more then a half inch wout tears springing to your eyes, a sore throat that kills to even drink water let alone eat, oh and the fever or the virus I am unsure which causing blisters all over the inside of my lips n cheeks, a awful headache that double doses of extra strength Tylenol doesnt touch (luckily motrin seems to help a little though) and have every muscle in your body be on tingly burning pained mess that can barely hold you up. I have no pictures from my birthday Sher sorry. We didnt go anywhere kids were sick we just hung out watched movies together Kenny got me italian for dinner and we had big ol super sundae for dessert. I got a new tolkien book and a new fancy smanchy rice cooker that actualy cooks enough rice for the family! my steamer didn't no more standing at the stove stirrin rice and or forgetting to stir it and then burning it lol. OK the few minutes of less pain the meds hitting me gave are starting to wear off must go attempt to slurp something down without crying to much lol.. I swear If it wasnt for hte gums part It wuldnt be so bad well the fever isnt nice either but the rest I could handle but the gums man I can barely talk I am like a slurring drunk they r so swollen lol.. don't make fun OK I am freezing again going to go blanket up n try n drink some more water or something who knows...

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So you go the same virus the kids had? Yikes, you sound so ill, I am sorry!

By Blogger Sheri, at 4/28/07, 4:05 PM  

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