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Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Managed (barely) to make it to my appointment this am. LOL was FUUUUN. My body is not happy with its lack of food I think. But then I imagine if anyone went uhm what is it now 5 days with no solid food at all there body wouldnt be happy either. I have worn myself out for the day. Oh the Dr.He said yeah thats what Iv'e got.. LMAO. SO worth the energy expended. Told me take it easy drink lots of fluids take as much help as I can get. I must say that my Kenny is being an amazing help. He gets home from work and takes over everything. Thank you! I Love You! Uhmm Dr Dude told me it is a direct contact thing so no kissing and no leaving my cups out for others to drink out of. Easy enough. Who would want to kiss my green n bloody oozy lips. pretty huh. lol Thats it I think the antivirals are helping. I can def feel a improvement today. Or maybe its just the pain meds are improving my outlook.. lol maybe a little of both. I managed to kinda brush my teeth this am! I only cried for 10 minutes and the bleeding stoped pretty quick too. Dr Dude should feel special. I am totally dreading the dentist tomorrow... Can't take the kids there with me def gotta figure something out there hmm... Jarod has a dr app tom morn getting his school stuff done =. They were very good today at drs with me. The kids have all been helpful this whole week spending hours waiting for mom here or there .. I am very proud of them all. And very lucky to have a Husband as caring as mine. OK I am done whining for the moment bye

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my dad used to sing my mom a song....put your bony arms around me, take your slimy lips and kiss me...LOL

By Blogger Kenny, at 5/2/07, 2:31 PM  

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