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Thursday, May 10, 2007


I finally get over the evil virus. I go in last night to have my follow up Dentist visit just to check it all out and make sure I am better and get a quick exam. Or so I thought. I left minus 2 wisdom teeth! And needing 2 more yanked out. But they won't do the bottom ones for a month. And then they will only do 1 at a time. Pull 1 wait a month then pull the other. Because they are both touching the major nerve that runs on both sides of my jaw (and they shouldnt be) so they want to pull one and see how it affects the nerve give it time to heal andthen yank the other. Apparently my chin could go numb from it if the roots of my tooth twitch it or anything when they yank em. But it should heal. Hence the waiting. Anyway I am doing good can still taste blood (gag. But only need a pain pill last night when the numb wore off. I seem to be fine today just sore with occasional throbbing. I guess the HORRIFIC intense AWFUL pain of the evil virus prepped me pretty good. LOL This is nothing compared to it. That is all for now. I will prob lose another lb or 2 till I am not scared to eat.

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ayieeee!! Now the teeth are pulled too! Hope you are back up and running soon!

By Blogger Sheri, at 5/10/07, 10:23 AM  

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