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Thursday, May 24, 2007


from Dentists!!! MAN and ick... I had an apointment today at 1130 to get another wisdom yanked (#3) well I sat in the waiting room for an hour before I was called back. Then I go back n sit n wait a little bit they come load a table with evil looking stuff n leave... a little bit later they come back and numb the bejebers out of me... and inform me the cap came off the tooth and the roots are still in.. so they had to cut a flap on it scoop all the stuff out and sew it closed.. do that I think...numb me a WHOLE lot more all over the place (after they start they ask if im preggo lol oops they say we shoulda asked that first duh good thing I am not I think lolol) and say theyl be back in 5 minutes... mind you im utterly confused right now NO idea what tooth they just "scooped out" feeling in my mouth with my tounge going oh LORD don't tell me they yanked another top tooth out! but I couldnt feel any extra teeth missing. and I had my bottom wisdoms still in so I just let it go figured they must know what they are doing. Anyway by the time they came back (dude was COVERED in splatters of blood just what I wanted to see lmao and yes he changed before he came digging in my mouth) My tounge lips chin cheeks and even my ears were numb lol. so they start pushing on one of my bottom wisdom teeth and it HURTS BAD so they shoot me up some more and are rather in shock that it hurt.. then out of nowhere he starts pushing on the OTHER wisdom tooth (it doesnt hurt) and then they go back to the left wisdom and push it around some and man it still hurt so they shot even more in and even the needle hurt that time.. My body sure fights anathesia. By then I was done telling them it hurt I didn't care that I could still feel the pain I wanted it done. so I just shut up clenched my hands around the armrests n tried my darndest to refrain from whimpering (even though a few squeeshed through) they yanked and twisted and let me tell you it is not pleasant being able to feel your tooth twisting through your gums. and then I hear and feel a loud CRACK and the dr goes oh thats neat.. (HA just what I wanted to hear) the top half had come off and the roots stayed in.. so he went to the other side and yanked and twisted that one out and man I am telling you feeling your gums bulge and twist and tear is NOT FUN. and that one took a lot of yanking the roots where in the shap of a crab pincher and where almost touching at the ends.. (hence the awful pain) and the dr dude said thats why it was so hard to get out because it was ripping through the gums instead of sliding out nice and easy like (HA again) he asked where I got the tooth from because it was a custom job they don't come like that. haha funny guy.. then they go back to the broken tooth and yank out the 2 roots and all the little crumbs.. then they sew up both holes and gauze me.. and man even though I was numb as could be it HURT and it still hurts and I DON'T LIKE it.. It was like the worst epideral ever lol (the one I had with Cay)couldnt move completly numb but felt EVERY OUNCE of pain. Vicodin here I come... Hopefully by tomorrow I will be better like last time. fingers crossed.. neway that was my day.. I did have some enjoyment though.. I got to visit with my wonderful mil who so kindly came and watched my ragamuffins while the drs tortured me. HEY at least im done now right.. and feeling is coming back to my chin so Itmust not of damaged my nerves any. YEAH ME.. and Mom Thank you SO much for helping me out!

posted by Kristina @ |3:31 PM|


Kris I dont understand why didnt they put you under for your wisdon tooth removal? Three of us here have had our wisdom teeth removed and we all were put to sleep (nighty night time, feel no pain!) for Joshua it took all of 20 minutes, he was out and when he woke up he was telling us about his dream the buffalo was chasing him. LOL (there are buffalo in a field across the street). Any way I am glad you are feeling better but you have a quack for a dr. I think.

By Blogger Mashelle, at 5/24/07, 10:36 PM  

because I drove myself. And I was driving myself home they couldnt knock me out. I am way better today no longer in need of pain meds.. face isnt swollen.. the thread in my mouth is bugging me lol but thats about it. Well I am starving and can't eat. I'm not getting anything stuck in them holes. Hey Sher is the thread the dissolving kind or are they gonna have to take em out when I go for my follow up? You got sewn right? Or am I that lost in my head lol.

By Blogger Kristina, at 5/25/07, 7:14 AM  

That's exactly what my left top tooth did. It twisted sideways rather than coming straight down. They had to break it in half and dig it out. OH MY! (But the bottom tooth was the one that I ended up with dry socket).

The swelling on my face went down by the next day I think.

And yep, the thread will dissolve in about a week or so. Mine slowly dissolved (Because I had several stitches) and I wound up with a big long piece of thread hanging so I pulled it out.

Shelle...they probably thought it was a simple extraction. They thought mine were simple extractions so I wasn't put to sleep either. Although I did have a good dose of nitrous.

By Blogger Sheri, at 5/25/07, 8:16 AM  

Yeah the dangling strings are really bugging me. I can feel them everytime I swallow or move my tongue. I didnt swell up at all I don't think.. Once I took the gauze out My face looked normal. I stole my teeth lol. The kids wanted to see them. and they left them sitting on the chair next to me on a pad.. hehe so I wrapped em up in it and brought them home.. I will take a picture of my crab claw one. The other one is just broke in 3 parts. I think it was crab looking too though from the angle the roots are. Fun fun.. At least I am done right!

By Blogger Kristina, at 5/25/07, 10:03 AM  

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