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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A little

update on what we have been up to. Evan finished school! HE moves on to 4th grade next August.. He got a perfect attendance award!! and a special reading award!! because "I am the best reader in my entire whole class mommy!" WAY to go Evan! WE are VERY proud of you! Jarod starts a preK month long summer course next month and then starts K in August. He is very excited about it all. We have to go buy him a backpack soon. Cay is his usual wonderful self. Kiara is a 2 year old Princess with all that entails. =) We went to a AAA baseball game Saturday. Our cousins team was playing against the local team. It went to the 11th inning! In the end our cousins team won! WOOOHOOOOO! We got a few dirty looks as we cheered on the opposing team lol. But oh well! It was a ton of fun. The fireworks after where beautiful. The kids were in awe. We didnt get home till midnight but it was worth it. We went out for breakfast Sunday morning then hit Target to get the kids all new sandals and Evan some tennies as well (his toes got hungry and ate them!) Kiara was a girl and had to try on 20 pairs before we managed to grab a pair n run away. Tonight i have a 2 hour training session for cub scout daycamp.. should be enthralling.... not

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