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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Join the band

As I posted previously Evan decided to join band this year. He chose the sax. The elementary schools don't provide instruments here (his school has 3 none of which was a sax.) SO we went yesterday to 3 different music stores here. Only one was open. So we went in and got everything he will need. His music book, cleaning kit, music stand, neck strap, reeds, cork grease, mouthpiece, oh yeah and....
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His sax... BEAUTIFUL isn't it!
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
We are quite impressed. He already figured out how to actually make it make noise.. REAL noise too not just squeaks n farts... Getting your mouth just right on that reed is not easy. And he got it! It is going to take a little practice to remember to hold it right (fingers in proper places) especially since he has such teeny hands. He can barely get his fingers to the key spots lol.. let alone carry it about.. He is SO excited and I am excited for him! Kenny told him to be sure n listen good so he can come home and teach him (Kenny) to play too. He starts classes next Tuesday. WHOOHOOO looking good Evan!

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Woohoo!! GO EVAN!

By Blogger Sheri, at 9/4/07, 10:05 AM  

That is a beautiful insturment. I cant wait to hear him play.
I knew he had the mouth for a reed instrument.

By Blogger Sue, at 9/4/07, 3:20 PM  

Well said.

By Anonymous Dianthe, at 11/10/08, 9:53 AM  

oh idk wha u people are talkin bout!

By Blogger fun mrjay, at 3/28/15, 8:58 AM  

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