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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Sax Star!

Mr E had his first day of band class today. Where he found out themusic store gave him the wrong reeds.. Theygave him clarinet reeds not sax... OOPS might explain why it was so hard to get noise... Anyway he come home today playing notes! and after a few minutes practice with his music book.. Was playing this...

Yup thats hot cross buns! After his first class! He rocks! Go Evan go Evan whoohoo
I took that withmy cell phone.. so the quality is awful.. but you can hear him!

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Go Evan Go!!! What a great job! Next time I wanna hear some Kenny G. (Or is that a tenor?)

By Blogger Sheri, at 9/11/07, 7:04 PM  

Great job Evan, Keep going it willl get tough but you can do it.

By Blogger Sue, at 9/11/07, 8:40 PM  

adorable. Aunt Rebecca says she can do it better though ;) jk shes a clarinet player.

By Anonymous Theresa, at 9/26/07, 3:28 PM  

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