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Sunday, September 09, 2007


2 hours in urgent care this morning... fun... Kiara threw up last night again.. but seemed fine this morning. Then I took offher diaper and there was this orange film over the top of it (she had only peed) then I sat her on the toilet to pee. and when she was done there was like orange grit in there... So I called dr they wanted me to take her in for a urine test just to be sure. 2 hours later.. they tellme she is dehydrated.. (DUH she spent the last 48 hours puking) that there was some solids theysaw (crystals) but he said it is common when a child is sick as the liver is working hard because its dehydrated... SO once she is alllll better I am to take her in for another check to make sure its gone away. When she peed there I saw nothing in it so it was already much better. She has been her normal self today eating drinking and playing.. SO hopefully it is gone. She spent ALL of yesterday sleeping or crying.. LITERALLY ask Kenny lol We are lucky the walls don't have holes from us needing to bang our heads against them... ANYWAY fevers gone. shes eating and drinking and hasnt puked... she is up and playing and hasnt slept.. so no worries shes gettin better.. =)

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Poor baby! I bet she was miserable. Glad she seems to be getting better

By Blogger Sheri, at 9/9/07, 2:58 PM  

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