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Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Evan decided he wants to do basketball this year. (we decided he has to do a sport each year) I just enrolled him last night.. It is winter basketball and starts in Jan. He is excited. Hopefully they won't have practices on scout nights. Or have them early enough it won't matter. They let me enroll him in the younger age group. (If I would of enrolled him when registration started he still would of been 8 so they let me) I really didnt want him playing with up to 11 year olds! He would be TOWERED over. Shoot theres a few girls in his class who TOWER over him! They are darn near as tall as me! But at least he isnt quite the shortest kiddo in his class this year. Thats all for now.. Almost time to go get Jarod from K.

posted by Kristina @ |11:09 AM|


Good for you. Evan go out there and shoot those hoops. you can do it.

Did you know one great player, (I dont know the name) was short. He could run circles around the big guys.

By Blogger Sue, at 9/6/07, 11:56 AM  

Kris dont worry about the bigger players there are always going to be bigger players,the genes that he has he will always be short. Larry bird was excellent and ran the court a lot of times.

By Blogger Mashelle, at 9/8/07, 4:27 PM  

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