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Tuesday, December 18, 2007


So I had my nst yesterday. Yes with all 4 kids tagging along. And they were quite good for me. Even though they asked the poor nurse 500 questions each time she walked in the room. The very first question she heard was and I quote. "What are you going to do to my mommy?" LOL poor lady. This was after i repeatedly told them leave the nurses alone do NOT ask them questions do not talk to them just sit quietly and watch the dvd we brought. Oh well. It lasted all the way untill the nurse walked in to hook me up. LOL ANYWAY baby girl was asleep. nice calm sleeping hr sitting nicely at about 132bpm. So the nurse comes in and has this black thing in her hand that looks like a handheld massager thing. Props me on my side with a pillow and explains to me that this thing will make a loud noise and startle the baby awake so they can get some movement going. She uses it on her neck and says it won't hurt at all.... I think she lied. She put it WAY low on baby girls head and hit the buton. It vibrated it made a loud noise and the second it turned on baby girl tried to jump out of my skin. Her hr skyrocketed to the upper 170s! She squirmed rolled twisted and flopped about in there like crazy. It was rather painful. And the poor nurse didnt get what she wanted even then. It scared baby girl so bad her hr stayed at the upper 170's for a good 15-20 minutes with NO dips at all. HA HA HA thats what you get for scaring my baby. It kept setting off alarms. The nurse came in and was all well we wanted her up. Guess she is telling us i'm up now deal with it. Even when she finally started calming down some the second shed move it would jump back up and set off the alarm. My quick 20 minute nst ended up taking about an hour. By the time it was done Evan and Jarod and Kiara where on hte bed with me at the end watching the babys heart on the computer screen and cay was sitting in the recliner watching the movie. I go back Thursday for my next one and an u/s. Luckily my neighbor volunteered to watch them for me. YEAHHHHHHHH.
Clark came by yesterday and measured where he will be tiling so we know how much gunk to get and make sure we had enough tile. We are at exactly the right amount. So we think we will buy another case or 2 to have just incase. I am excited about getting it all done. He is doing it at a great price too and letting us do payments. Well I need to go and do some scout advancements online then after i get j from school take them to the hut and get the badges and pins and stuff. Another leader is going to come pick them up after school today, since i am not going to scouts tonight. Jarod has his performance tonight and he is SO excited. I don't know what position girl child is in but I havent been able to breathe since yesterday morning. Its rather annoying. Especially since I still feel all movement against my cervix which hurts lol. oh one last thing. Last night the doorbell rang. And it was my neighbor and their children (6 of them) singing a christmas carol and giving us a gift. Was cool. The kids thought it was great lol.

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I still stand by the fact that the buzzer was mean

By Blogger Sheri, at 12/19/07, 6:01 PM  

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