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Saturday, December 08, 2007


So anyway last night Kenny was complaining about all MY baby crap sitting in the living room un Christmasing up the room. And to find somewhere else to put it. Uhmm yeah magic snaping fingers away! oh drat that didnt work. Not like I have anywhere to put this stuff. ANYWAY so today after getting grumpy remembering it I said screw it and did something with it alright. It took a bit of work but it is no longer in the living room. Where is it you ask? I have to start at the begining... First i had Evan take everything off the bottom shelf in his closet. Then I went in and removed all the screws on the shelf brackets. I then hammered away at the stupid shelf until it unnailed itself from the boards on the sides atached to the walls. SO I finally get the stupid shelf out of the closert and lug it out to the garage. I then stop and feed the kids some food harass them to pick up some toys and all that fun stuff and do some more laundry. I then go back in there notice that they put those shelves up a lot of coats of paint ago, so I go grab a sm can of white paint (no I don't care that it isnt an exact match) paint over all the unpainted spots. While i give that a few minutes to dry I go back my suv out of the garage and pull the dresser out in the garage and sweep away any spiders and check all the drawers and wipe it down. I then go back in the house (switch laundry out) sweep out the closet. Then i go drag push and pull the stupid dresser into the house with hte wonderful help of my children. HA! Got it in the kitchen and added some felt pads to the legs (it is oing on laminate after all gotta protect the floor) then I cartwheeled the thing down the hall. Got it in Evans room and in the closet YEAH ME! So he loaded all his clothes in one side and then we put ALLLL the movies and books back in the closet. How this fixes the problem of the clothes in the living room you wonder? Let me tell you. I then dragged all Kiaras clothes out of the closeet in here and put them away in the empty half of the dresser. I took Evans now empty plastic drawers and stack them on Kiaras now empty plastic drawers in my closet. I NOW have 6 EMPTY drawers in my closet! I then get ALL the baby stuff and get it put away nicely in drawers and dragged the carseat box into my room and put it in a coner untill it is needed. NOW the living room is baby "crap" free. TYVM! I decide i need to come post about it on here so I go online and read my mail get sidetracked by some news articles look at Mr Pokemons blog and look at this that n the other. I then hear the dryer ding so I grab my laundry basket and walk that way to get laundry and i notice hte kids left lunch bowls on the table. So I throw the basket in hte laundry room and grab the bowls, when I notice hte dry cereal someone snacked on all over the table. So I put the bowls in the sink and get all the cereal off the table and throw that in the trash when i notice theres a couple dishes in thesink that will fill the dishwasher and i can turn it on. So I load that and get it running and then remember that i didnt get to my blog yet. I turn around to come back in here and notice hte laundry room door is open so I go to close it and realize i never emptied the dryer. So I did that threw the wash in the dryer (sheets and blankets fun) and throw the last load of towels in the washer. I THEN finally got to get on here and post! Can you tell my memory is awful today? Iam now staring at the 4 loads of wash that needs folded and put away thrown on my bed.... Oh I also found out last night that Kenny has to work tomorrow at the mall in Sac, and we are going with him..... YEAH hte kids are thrilled.And then Monday I apparently get to lug the 2 younger kids with me to my ob appointment where i am prob going to be checked.. that should be interesting. Mommy WHY is he looking at your butt? Well hopefully I should say lol. Since if they are running behind I will just have to leave without being seen because my apointment is only 45 minutes before Jarod gets out of school. I will go a little early and keep my fingers crossed they can get me in quick. I am going to be so sore Monday Hopefully I will be able to walk into the dr office lol. We are having waffles for dinner tonight. Why? because my cabinets are bare and i have the stuff for waffles lol.. I on the other hand do not have the ability to go shopping with all 4 kids right now. SO waffles it is. OK must go get laundry folded at least before i need to start waffles.. Kenny prob left work 20 minutes ago. Id rather take a nap.

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Darn it I told Ken to do that a week ago. I knew you would get it done. Kris it is too early for the little girl, be careful.PLEASE.

By Blogger Sue, at 12/8/07, 6:13 PM  

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