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Monday, December 17, 2007

I swear

the l&d nurses are going to know me by sight bythe time I have this little girl. Went in again yesterday due to some mild bleeding that had stopped by the time the dr called me back. Yet I still had to go get checked. Sigh. THey didnt do a pelvic exam because they didnt want to start any bleeding back up. So I still don't KNOW if anything is going on in there. Other then that everything looked good. I have a nst in an hour. I get to bring the kids with me. Should be THRILLING! I have a nst and u/s Thursday same deal kids ahoy. and then Friday am a reg dr appointment with a dr i don't know and again kids. I am going to request they check me regardless of the kiddos being there too. I need to know before the holiday if there is anything new down there. Then I will know how easy i need to take it. I refuse to check myself because well bleeding lol.. Id rather not start some. Thats all there is here. Hopefully they don'tmind the munchkins with me for the test. there is nothing else i can do though. So they are just outa luck. I will bring the port dvd player n they can kick back in a chair n watch a movie. they are private rooms so it should be fine. The kids are good. Mostly lol....

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