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Friday, December 14, 2007


Had my first nst last night. WAS SO BORING! I laid in a bed with hte monitors hooked up tome like I was in labor and stared at the wall, the clack, my shoes, the computer monitor for about 40 minutes. I started to drift for a bit but didnt sleep. Next time I will bring a book or something. The baby looks great. The nurse said she wished all her nst babies looked as great as she did. =) So that was reasuring. She still does not like to be monitored but is now to big to escape the monitor. She was really quiet all day untill they hooked that minitor on me. Then started squirming and didnt stop untill they took it off. So they got lots of good reactions on the monitor. Then they unhookedme and did a quick u/s to check her fluid levels which looked good too. And sent me on my way. I go back monday for my next one. Which should be shorter as there is no u/s and they won't need to keep me hooked up as long. Yesterday was to get a good baseline on her heart. Which sounded like a galoping horse alot lol. I am pretty sure she flipped breech today. Up until last night (she was head down at u/s too) al hiccuos have been felt at the highest against my hip bone. I woke up this am to hiccups on my top right. Hoping it was just a fluke and shes already back down. Waiting on more hiccups here. I did find out why she hasnt been up in my ribs likethe others were though. My placenta is on the top ofmy uterus so it cushions all movement in that direction. So there is one good thing. Lets see.. Other thenthat same o same o.. back hurts front hurts bottom hurts lol... We are going to Robert and Ginas tomorrow for a get together. Should be fun. =) Other then htat notmuch. We need to find someone willing to watch our munchkins so we can go shopping. That will be hard. And i may need to find someone to watch the kids for my nst's next week. Kenny might not be able to get off work early monday (my app is at 530) and Thursdays appointment will need to be early in the day as Evan has his band performance that night. Next week will be busy lol.. monday nst tuesday Jarod school show, Wednesday Evan school show, Thursday nst and Evan band show, Friday dr appointment. OK I am ready for a nap just thinking bout it.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHERI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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