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Tuesday, December 04, 2007


We needed milk and cereal so after taking the 2 to school me and the younger 2 ran up to target to get some. Well we walk in grab a cart I put the kiddos in said cart and happen to see 2 shopping carts full of gift baggies. Yup FREE gifts! So I grabbed 2 one for each kiddo I had with me. (Can't be greedy) They were so excited. So I start to walk and i happen to look up and OHH ! Hey cay Who isthat? Who's who mommy? Right there see? No what? So I point his head in the right dirction at the guy in the red suit waving trying to get his attention and he about jumps outa his skin MOMMY MOMMY ITS SANTA! lol Kiara is spinning around in the seat to look. So Cay runs over and sits there with a big ol grin. Not talking just sitting there lol. Poor Santa couldnt get them to tal to him for nothing. And Kiara refused to get out of the cart. Though she did show him her goody bag and wave bye. Was so cute. I had NO idea Target was doing that. Glad i didnt go to walmart instead. We walked about looked at baby stuff.. Kiara saw a pink car seat her size and is planning on asking daddy for it. got some munchies (I hadn't eaten bfast yet lol) grabbed our milk n cereal n headed out. Got ourselves checked out and noticed HA FREE DONUTS! they had a lady stading there giving out donuts n muffins and hot cider and stuff. OHH the kids were excited lol. Some people are greedy butts man. One lady (who had just walked in the store alone) grabbed 4 donuts all for herself to eat while shopping! How rude. I only let hte kids get 1 each and hten i grabbed 1. Yummy they were SO fresh just melted in my mouth. I thought that was really cool of target to do all that. Oh and i got a 5 off a 25 dollar purchase coupon for next time i need to go there. Oh and just so you all know the 18th Jarod is having a christmas performance the 19th Evans is and the 20th Evan is doing a band performance his first ever! I can't wait to see him playing his sax up there! Your ALL more htenwelcome tocome for all of the above... lol. I seemy ob again Monday (the 10th) at which point I get to start my 2 times a week nst's... They BETTER let me do them in the evening otherwise they are just outa luck lol. And i think I get my next u/s scheduled too. Monk and physc start up again this friday. I am excited about that I like those 2 shows alot. Evan sees the dentist tomorrow. He is getting 2 adult teeth sealed and then they are making a mold of his mouth for his spacer. FUN. Well I am realy sore in this hard puter chair. Prob shouldnt of walked through target but ha it was fun. I just need to go sit for a little bit on a comfy couch =) After i pull somehting out for dinner. At least untill I need to go get jarod from school. Baby girl is still nameless. I need to find her a name. I am down to what 8 weeks 5 days till my due date. And to be honest i don't think I will make it that far. AAK the countdown has begun. OK gonna go rest a little baby girl is kicking me in the lungs.

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No photos of the baby shower?

Glad the kids got to see Santa! how fun for them!

By Blogger Sheri, at 12/4/07, 10:54 AM  

I think we are on countdown too. I pray every day you do not call and say Mom I need you. NOW!!!

By Blogger Sue, at 12/4/07, 5:41 PM  

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