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Wednesday, January 02, 2008


I can't cook.. I can't do laundry.. Why you ask? Because my stove and washer and dryer are out in the garage. Along with my fridge. Why is it all out there instead of in my house? Because I am getting new floors installed. Tile. SWEET! So my entry, entry closet, kitchen, dining room and laundry room are currently slab. Kenny and I ripped it all out with the help of some kiddos. And to make it even better. Tuesday a new fridge and dishwasher will be put in too. Matching. The only non stainless appliance in my kitchen will be the oven. Which alas works just fine still so no need to replace it yet... Any tips on breaking it? LOL JK. Anyway anyone know why they don't make electriv ovens in stainless? The only electric ones they make stainless are glass top ones. Which i guess we will have to go with when the time comes. I have pics of hte floors being ripped out and will post them when i also have pics of the new floor and appliances in. So round about Tuesday or Wednesday expect some pictures of my beautiful kitchen. All that's left after this is the stove and countertops. Eventually.. I am SO sore its not even funny. I think the hours of sitting on my butt scraping paper and chiseling mortor did a # on my pelvis lol.. Worse then normal.. That and baby girl might be lower i havent decided yet. I can breathe again sometimes so she must be in a diff position at least. I can't sleep stand sit walk or well anything without hurting. I start weekly ob visits next week. So I will be at the dr/hospital 3 times a week at least. I don't know how I will survive the next 4 weeks. I am miserable. And grumpy too. Just ask Kenny and the kids. My patience level is at about -10. Wonder what the earliest my ob will induce is. I am really worried i will go into labor on a school/work day. And be trapped at home with kenny an hour away and mom 2 hours away and no one to pick up/watch the kids. And siblings arent allowed in l&d room without another adult present to watch them. I am suppose to go in immedietely when labor starts no laboring at home so they can monitor little girl. Oy more stress now I have a headache. I went in and inputted all our tax information today. Even though we changed our deductions and they pulled way less this year we are still getting a pretty good chunk back. So that is nice. Can pay our prop taxes in 1 chunk and still have some left for savings, or a bill.. Anyway need to be in a diff position this one is killing me again. Talk to you all soon. BYE

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You know what...if you go to the hospital in labor with the kids WHAT on earth will they do? Maybe tell you it's not allowed, but a good scream oughta get them moving. They aren't going to leave you hanging.

It will all work ou though.

Pictures of the tile coming soon?

By Blogger Sheri, at 1/6/08, 6:55 PM  

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