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Friday, January 04, 2008


We have REAL bad winds out there today.. My local wind warning says winds from 45-60 mph with gusts to 75.. So far I have had screens blow off my windows, I have branches littering my back yard, I have 2 sections of fence down on one side of my yard and i have who knows how many sections broken on another section of my yard.. I say who knows because they are being held up by the cypress trees behind them. I guess we will be making our first ever homeowners claim after this storm ends.. My neighbor the one who I share the knocked down fence with had part of a big ol pine tree fall on his back fence too.. Who knows how much more damage we alone will get. A friend of our has lost fence had a tree fall in his pool and had to take down his fountain and had a 200 dollar pot smash. Hopefully nothing else gets damaged there either and his fence was only a couple years old. Mine was at least old stuff. I am thanking God today that we had the forethought to have that giant pine tree behind our house chopped down. It was already leaning towards my fence and i have this feeling it would be sitting on my bed right now if it was still there. The poor birds can't even fly. They are all huddled under my back porch hiding out. The wind is SO loud and hard.. The rain is sideways and feels and sounds like hail pounding on my house.. Hopefully no one hets hurt. Kenny had fence down and broken windows and other stuff at work to deal with this morning.. On a brighter note my kitchen floor is looking awesome. I can't wait for it to be done.

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Yikes! I heard about those w! I remember a few years ago we had horrid winds like that in Cottonwood and we lost part of our roof! (Not much thankfully!).

Hope you all survive with nothng but a lost fence.

By Blogger Sheri, at 1/6/08, 6:52 PM  

That's suppose to say I've heard about those WINDS not "w!" LOL

By Blogger Sheri, at 1/6/08, 6:53 PM  

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