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Friday, February 08, 2008

My children

Sure are sweet. Now to think of a new blog title as we are no longer 6.

posted by Kristina @ |4:06 PM|


Or have another baby, then you'll be 6.

By Blogger Sheri, at 2/8/08, 6:50 PM  

I think they are all so beautiful, Congrats on the newest addition. So lovely!!!

By Blogger Katy, at 2/11/08, 9:49 AM  

Aw, what a cutie!

Yeah, I guess Calisevenpack sounds weird... ;-)

By Blogger Jen, at 2/27/08, 2:56 AM  

Just checkin' in on you! Hope the kids are doing well. Schools going good for E and J? Caylum is lovin' on his new baby sister? And Kiara is running around the house in a tiara teaching Leila how to be a princess?

Hope you are getting any rest you need.

Love ya,


By Blogger Sheri, at 3/8/08, 5:46 AM  

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