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Friday, March 14, 2008

Honor Roll

Well tueday Jarod brought home the bi weekly monthly whatever it is school flyer.. In it it had thuis trimesers honor roll list.. So I glanced through it assuming none of ine were in it because ha you'd think theyd send home a flyer or something certificate anything to let parents know. But nope. Evan made honor roll! WTG Evan! We took him out to dinner at his choice of resteraunt. (He chose chineese) Was delicious. We are very proud of him or making hnor roll.. And I am very happy Leila slept the entiretime as I got to actually eat! with 2 hands! Shocking huh... And as usual an elderly couple came over and told the kids how wonderfully well behaved they are and how well mannered and how it was a delight to eat in the same resteraunt with them.. Luckily my kids are good 99.9% of the time when we eat out. Or we'd never eat out lol... Now at homes another matter entirely lol.. Course Evan is now grounded because he again lied about homework.. for a full week.. He is so not happy.. Which is the point. Its awful lol tuesday he was beeing cheered thursday he was being grounded.. joy of joys. He will learn. From now on after hisa grounding is over if I don't see his agenda he doesnt see tv/computer or video games.. That aughta do it.

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You're just so mean to that kid. LOL

Just kidding. Glad they were behaved in the restaurant. That's awesome. I never hear that anymore, I suppose they thing they better be behaved since they are older.

By Blogger Sheri, at 3/14/08, 11:37 AM  

With Evan he could be honor roll all tim. He is so intelligent I think he is totally bored with school. So what do you do with a child like that? Way to go Evan. Papaw and Mamaw are proud of you.

By Blogger Sue, at 3/14/08, 11:54 AM  

Any new pictures you can put on the blog Kris? I know, you are busy and probably running nonstop. I just love seeing my sweet SIL, great brother and darling nieces and nephews.

By Blogger Sheri, at 3/25/08, 7:51 PM  

how dare you ground me

By Blogger Mr Pokemon, at 4/3/08, 5:20 PM  

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