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Monday, March 10, 2008

Update & Pictures

Well Leila is about 9lbs now... she is shedding her hair and whats not falling out has bright blonde roots. SO yes she is going to go blonde mom lol. She has been cooing and "talking" for about 2 weeks. =) SO cute. And she is staying awake for a couple hours ata time during the day (mostly) lol. Kiara is my beautiful princess.. she is a little doll =) Caylum is uhmm well he is cay lol.. he had his 5 yr school physical last month.. 5 shots and a finger poke! but is now ready to be enrolled in school.....................He weighed 41 lbs and was 44 inches tall.. dressed with shoes on.. so prob more like 39/40 lbs and 43 inches tall. Jarod is doing very well in school. His teacher told me last friday that he is in the top 3rd of his class. That he is a sweet boy who always tries his hardest even if it takes a time or two extra of explaining something to him. Evan is doing good in school as well. Though he could be doing better lol.. All those gadgest in class to distract him.. =) .. I am tired exhausted and worn out lol.. my skin is all dry and I have 25/30 lbs to lose.. which (JOY) must wait till I wean Leila.. Kenny is good working hard.. or hardly working lololol.. They just started bringing people back to work so now yeah hes not stuck in the office alone all day.. Yesterday he put together the boy's bikes they got for christmas. they are quite happy.. Kiara wants a bike for her bday. And she has earned the dog.. just gotta fix the fences save the money and have a dog be born and available lol... Who knows how long all that will take.. Anyway thats us heres some pics.
(these are from about 2 weeks ago)
Photobucket What is this flashing light!
Photobucket Ha! drat you almost got my smile!
Photobucket Oh MY!
Photobucket Why do you keep flashing lights at me!
Photobucket fine I shall just go to sleep
These are from last weekend .. They were all watching a movie and Kenny came out and laughing told me to go look at my kids. Heres what I saw
Photobucket we are NOT tired!
Photobucket Awwwwwww
Can we say OUT lol
These are from about a week ago
Photobucket more flashing
Photobucket LOL I love this face she makes here its like a sneeering what you gonna do about it or a look here woman I am telling you! knock it off!
Photobucket so pretty
Photobucket sleepy bye
These are from Saturday
I had just finished screaming cause mommy kept laying me on the floor next to my siblings and I didnt like it!
OK OK I will cheer up!
LOOk theres Jarod
hey whered he go
ok I am in a better mood now
thats all for now!

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Thank you Thank you Thank you. Those are adorable. They are also now in my folder. All of them. love the sleepy ones, and the smile ones nad the fussy ones.
OK I love them all, Thank you, Again Thank You

By Blogger Sue, at 3/10/08, 2:30 PM  

Hey that girl sure does have a deep widows peak doesn't she? Reminds me of Ken's baby pictures. (And Ethan had that too...hair all down his forehead, good thing he's blonde because he is a HAIRY kid...) Oh wait, not saying that Leila is hairy! LOL

Love the pic of Ev and Kiara.

By Blogger Sheri, at 3/13/08, 8:58 PM  

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