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Friday, May 16, 2008


Yes I am so pathetic I was litterally giddy and giggling and hopping in my seat as I drove away from sears this am. My car wasnt bucking n vbrating and shimmying n shaking! NOR was it trying to rip the wheel out of my hand to the right! it was smooth andlevel and if I let go of the wheel I don't sudenly take a right turn, it stays straight! WHOOHOOOO How sad is it that all the way to walmart I was giggling hysterically at how well my suv was handling! sigh.. then to make my day better I webt to walmart and bought a wii! I didnt get any extra games with it just hte one that came with it and the one that came with the 2nd remote I got. Now we need 2 more remote/nunchuk sets a wi fi router and gomes.. Though luckily for us game cubes games work too and we have some of those.

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yay yay yay you got a wii and new tires!! How awesome! (No check here yet). The kids are so excited that you got a Wii. You addicted to bowling yet? It's so fun!

Just a hint: The controllers are 40 and the controller with WiiPlay is 50! WiiPlay has several more games in it that we play...though not all that often, but for 10 bucks...why not.

By Blogger Sheri, at 5/16/08, 6:36 PM  

on more thing it EATS batteries, do yourself a favor and pick up some rechargeable batteries. We use the Energizer rechargeables and they are great.

By Blogger Sheri, at 5/16/08, 6:37 PM  

I am more excited about the tires. That was agreat thing to buy, Last tiem you were here I was glad to hear you werent comign back until you had the car checked and tires on it.
Soooooo when you coming? And I still need photos of E at the Program. In his suit with his sax/

By Blogger Sue, at 5/16/08, 9:17 PM  

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