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Friday, May 09, 2008

Hot glue guns

Do indeed produce some very hot glue. 2nd degree burns hot. Sigh. While at scouts Tuesday the boys were making their raingutter regatta boats I manning the glue gun temp to fill the mast holes with glue. So I go to fill Evans boats hole fullof glue and apparently sqeezed way to hard and woosh a giant blob of super heated glue comes out the other end of the boat and all over my fingers. OUCH. I dropped hte glue gun and hte boat onto the chair hollered ouch as I (litterally blind with pain) try n (stupidly) try n brush the hot glue off with my other hand as I run to the neatest cold water source. Anyway I ended up with a couple small blisters on my right hand and bad enough burns on my left hand to go to urgent care and get all silver creamed and wrapped up. I have some "really good" (HA!) 2nd degree burns on my pointer and middle finger. They had my hand so wrapped i couldnt move them lol.. I have to go bck again (3rd time) tonight or tomorrow so they can "remove hte blisters to promote faster healing" they said it would take a good 3 weeks for htem to heal. Meanwhile I get to keep them bandaged and silvered. I have a couple pictures from the day after when I was getting it checked and rebandaged. They are on my phone though so you have ta wait. Stupid hot glue gun shouldnt be that dang hot! Thank GOD it was methough and not one of the cubs as the older boys (Evan included) were doing it on their own before I walked over and started helping and DOUBLE thank God none got on Leila who was in my baby carrier on my hip! Ok I got the pics off my phone So if you want to see please......

pretty huh lol yes the burnt fingers are way swollen and weird looking they are now bruised looking as well dark purple and red.. Lucky lucky me!

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four words: Cold Melt Glue Gun

Four more words: HOLY COW KRIS!!! (okay that's three I can't think of another one)

I am so sorry, that looks so painful. How are you doing changing diapers with it?

By Blogger Sheri, at 5/9/08, 11:04 AM  

OH My, that makes me hurt all over. I am so sorry, I have been burned by them but never anything like that, and Thank God it did not get on the baby. And the boys now know how bad a burn can be. OH MY Goodness I am so sorry.

By Blogger Sue, at 5/9/08, 11:09 AM  

I now you like to be the center of attention. But as Ron Weasly would say "Bloody Hell". Be carefull

By Blogger Chas-man, at 5/11/08, 7:48 AM  

I also burned my hand in November, the week of Thanksgiving. It was second and third degree. I was in some pain and I know how that feels. It really got me in trouble too........but aside from all that I can truly say that I know how that feels and Im so sorry that happened to you.

By Blogger Grandmas Post, at 9/12/08, 7:03 AM  

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