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Thursday, May 22, 2008


In a fugurative sense.. Just got the back yard sprinklers fixed when the front ones start messing up. I found the box out front finally it was under a layer of rock and plastic and about 3 inches of dirt.. Why? I have NO idea.. opened it up and it was alll greek to me. Can we say 20 yr old parts lol... Kenny will have to look at it see if he can figure out what everything is. I fixed my screen door yesterday.. but I think I got the wrong kind of screen for our the door.. Not quite as kid proof as it should be.. I think I will get a sm roll of the pet resistant kind for the patio door then use what I have and rescreen the window screens with it. If Leila would hurry up and nap I could go get something done. But she is in a mood right now. I have made a list of items we need from home depot Just got to get it all.. Its a long list of this n that which will make it annoying to get with the kids... Will be a 2 vehicle trip lol. Ok off to breastfeed Leila in hopes of her naping!

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